Motorcycle Basics: Checking + Adding Oil (Kawasakai Ninja 300)

Motorcycle Basics: Checking + Adding Oil (Kawasakai Ninja 300)
How to check if you need oil. And how to add it to the bike.
1. Stand the bike up straight.
2. Look in the sight glass
3. Add oil until oil level is in between the high and low mark indicators.

7 thoughts on “Motorcycle Basics: Checking + Adding Oil (Kawasakai Ninja 300)

  1. Oh my god bro, yesterday i did my own maintenance with the official kawasaki full synthetic stuff, my ninja 2015 drained all 3 quarts. I said well, that was awkward…then i was in a tunnel where the air is not too cold and some red light appear on the dash. I got out of the tunnel and the red light disappear. Today i removed like 400ml of oil or something with your videos, please some advice bro!!!!!

  2. Just to let everyone know, the best way to do this is to have the bike in first gear with the kickstand down and then carefully grab the handlebars and move it center while off the bike. People have dropped their bike by being on the bike while trying to see the oil gauge.

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