Speed Modeling – Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle

Speed Modeling – Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle

Time lapsed video of me modeling a Ninja Kawasaki.
Speed Modeling done for fun.

Software: 3ds Max
Time Taken: ~2 hours

Method: Mainly polygonal modeling

14 thoughts on “Speed Modeling – Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle

  1. I enjoy watching speed modelling clips, to learn some new trix without having to watch slow boring clips.
    However, in this one, you cant see the whole window, wich makes it useless for me sadly.

  2. Vry interesting to watch. I’ve not modelled in a while but i could still understand all processes as well as seeing you are quite a talented individual! Keep up the good work!!!

    Oh and btw, i also liked the soundtrack 😉

  3. @casiothestrong not always the case, it is more artist preference, end result is all that matters, force feeding a style that doesn’t make sense to someone is bad modeling practice, i.e. NURBS handles curves better should everything with curves be handled with NURBS, absolutely not unless that’s what you like modeling in

  4. @casiothestrong you bring up some valid points…at the same time however any model and object can be repurposed for what is needed…they can be down-ressed or up-ressed, retopologized, LODs, blah, blah which all can be done rather quickly with good edgeflow and preparation, but there was really no purpose for this aside from speed, many things could have been improved here if I wasn’t shooting for speed

  5. @metroidgoodsuit several ways, in the video I used primarily 3ds Max’s cut tool, Maya’s equivalent is Split Poly (you will have to adjust settings if you want to cut into face)

  6. You got the side profile quite nicely, but from the top your model is just an ugly box. It’s quite hard to make smooth truly three dimensional shapes with polygons.

  7. How did you king of push the sppline you made out? I am doing something similair to this for school and I do not know how i can make a spline like not flat on the side, any help please?

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