Kawasaki Z250 : First Impressions : PowerDrift

Kawasaki Z250 : First Impressions : PowerDrift
Say hello to Kawasaki’s latest offering to us Indians, the Kawasaki Z250. The front similar to the Z800 & the rear a replica of the Ninja 300, lets see what this street naked has to offer.

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26 thoughts on “Kawasaki Z250 : First Impressions : PowerDrift

  1. every one is complaining that the oil chamber of this bike (same in ninja 300) got damaged in rough road… is it true???

  2. which is better z250 2017 or Duke390 2017??? im not talking about its power but the the whole aspect

  3. hi power drift , this is my 1st comment. tho I follow u since long. my question is y would anyone go for less powered less featured n much higher prized Kawasaki.? new ktm390 n our dominar 400 are much more power packed bike. what would ur mind say on this. I need to buy one suggest me.

  4. So should i go for ninja300 as compare to z250 & yaa I usually drive more often on city’s.
    Plz rply !

  5. @PowerDrift: I am real fan of your channel, What do you suggest between R3 vs tnt300 vs Z250, for me handling is important, also I do like bike having some weight( It feels more planted).

  6. Hey powerdrift can you tell me about the cbr250r bs4 complaint

    if any news of it is available please tell me

    I loved that bike so much and was about to purchase it but then bs3 problems came in

    can you help me out please..

  7. Awesome video as always from the Power drift team as Saagar explained there’s no ABS but does it have Slipper clutch regarding its high price

  8. What if i could get this bike @ 2,80,000brand new,should i buy it or go for any other ??

  9. if pulsar ns200/150 didn’t released in the philippines this z250 will be my bike

  10. But, isn’t this the only 250, which gives a proper racy feeling, the exhaust note as well ?

  11. wow!!! nice drift man!!! is that bike is desame as kawasaki Z 250 sl? thanks!!! and more power!!!

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