Kawasaki Vulcan Bobber Chopper Rat Rod Motorcycle

Kawasaki Vulcan Bobber Chopper Rat Rod Motorcycle
This is my 93 Kawasaki Vulcan EN500 that I chopped into a bobber Rat Rod. I love it and it turns heads everywhere I go. I plan on adding a back Bobber fender and fender seat for the wife. She insisted but you have to admit theres nothing quite like crusing the beach with your woman and then going out to dinner and a movie or something.

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  1. I used some 1″ drag bars I found on eBay and then I had some extra risers so I used a plate from those to rise it a bit more otherwise they were hitting the fuel tank.

  2. I have a stock EN500, very boring. Now THIS one looks like a blast to ride. Wonder how much weight u shaved off?

  3. NIce bobber!!! i just picked myself the same bike.. I wanna so something similar to what you have done… But with proper ape hangers

  4. Lat time I check rat rods didnt have pretty factory paint but oh well. Good build venture outside the box lower the frontend relocate speedo and loose the tach

  5. I really just bought some metal plate that faced horizontal and vertical and drilled holes in it than bolted a stop light that I gopt from walmart to it and it worked great.

  6. I bought the seat on ebay and drilled holes in the frame and used the bolts from the gas tank mount to hold it. needless to say it wasn’t easy to do.

  7. @Domdrianna Sounds AWESOME!! I hope you make a video of it and as for the wiring I just zip tied it all together to the under neath of the seat (Zip ties are my friend 😉

  8. Love it. Truly fantastic work. Is that the stock console on a 93? I have an 05 and it has the hideous tank-mounted speedo and no tach. It’s the first thing I plan to change.
    Sounds GREAT!

  9. @HiphonePro
    I chopper the whole wireharness out of mine. If you get rid of the diodes,a nd all the sidestand, clutch, neutral and brake safetys the wiring becomes very simple. Then I drilled a hole in the backbone and ran it all internal! (only about 6 wires) If anyone needs wire help on the en454 or en500 let me know! I love doing wireing!

  10. holy shit that thing is loud man, im taking my classes in a few weeks for my license and considering this bike

  11. Bad idea for brake light one side. You asking for danger from those who respects us. Most of all one side is bad!

  12. Instead of chopping the bars off you should have just unbolted them. Would have made better sense.

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