Kawasaki Ninja 300 – Screaming Demon Exhaust

Kawasaki Ninja 300 – Screaming Demon Exhaust

A closer look/listen at the aftermarket slip on exhaust from Screaming Demon.

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NOTE: Since recording this I have worked out the correct way to fix the bracket.

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23 thoughts on “Kawasaki Ninja 300 – Screaming Demon Exhaust

  1. Sounds amazing! I have looked at M4, Yoshi, Two brother, Danmoto, and many other exhaust’s and do not like the sounds of them. ย This sounds awesome!!

  2. you sound like a british, but then again i thought europeans drive on the right hand side of the two-way-road?

  3. Hi mate, I live in Brissie, where did you buy the exhaust from mate??? happy to go to the coast if i can get a better deal there.

  4. The bracket connects both on the outside lol.. then u wont have a gap…
    So close the bracket then mount. ..

  5. that bracket gets them every time lol, pay attention when taking old bracket off peeps..

  6. Excellent clip. Good sound. Good riding. and ….I’m a nodder as well. Take care riding. (from Maryborough, Queensland).

  7. Screaming Demon exhausts are made in West Australia. Buy Aussie!! They also make the Musarri exhaust which came on the NInja 300 I bought about a month ago. It didnt have the baffle in it and after hunting around on ebay and the manufacturers website, followed by a phone call to the manufcturer who directed me to their Ebay store, I was finally able to order the baffle. Paying a litte extra for faster shipping, the baffle arrived in three days.

    Once I got it installed I noticed that it had better power as the exhaust needs to provide some back-pressure to the engine. It doesnt backfire as much either which is good. I’m no longer worry about getting a noise ticket from the cops.

    Pretty good clip mate

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