Kawasaki Ninja 636 – DYNO with M4GP Slip on

Kawasaki Ninja 636 – DYNO with M4GP Slip on


2013 Kawasaki Ninja zx6r 636

M4GP No baffle: 113hp
M4GP Stage 1 baffle (comes with m4gp): 111hp
M4GP Stage 2 baffle (purchased out of sympathy towards the neighbours): 100hp

As you can see guys, the difference between stage 1 and stage 2 baffles is 11hp. This is much greater than I previously thought. So as a result I’m now running the stage 1 baffle again. We as bike owners simply want the sun in the sky and our bike to be the best it can be! Hope you enjoy.

9 thoughts on “Kawasaki Ninja 636 – DYNO with M4GP Slip on

  1. Two words…tail tidy! Nice bike (my next bike in fact) but that think is ugly. Look forward to you changing it.

  2. fuck thats fucking loud for just a slip on, i got a full system coming LOL! im scared

  3. Nice vid man. I recently bought a Devil slip on for my 08 ZX6R. I ran it with the restrictive baffle that it comes with first, but wasn`t much louder than stock. When I removed that, the sound came alive as you well know, and there was no looking back, so I obviously leave it out. It runs and feels so much better without it. Compared to the stupid, heavy stock exhaust, it`s night and day difference. I weighed my stock at 4.7kgs and my carbon Devil is 1.6kgs or 2.5 with connecting pipe and support bracket. Happy days.

  4. Yeah sorry, gonna have to bullshit. Slip ons don’t make any gains. Coming straight from M4’s website…0.7 hp, which is basically negligible. 113hp is exactly what your bike should dyno at. The idiot not wearing earmuffs fucked up the test. There is no way a baffle would cause you to loose 13 hp…seriously. That’s TWICE the difference that a full exhaust has according to M4 which only adds 6 hp. The stage 1 hp reading was likely just off due to heat soak and other factors which is why an average is taken.

  5. does stage 1 or stage 2 or no baffle will have any effect on sound?? and if yes out of 3 which one will be the loudest in zx 6r. please help. and suggest

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