Kawasaki Ninja Zx10R In Action

Kawasaki Ninja Zx10R In Action
A solo drive with a Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R 2011 with ABS. I am trying my new camera with an external microphone.

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I am riding a Zx10R 2011 with ABS. The only upgrade I have is a slip on Arrow Dark Line exhaust.

Kawasaki Ninja Zx10R In Action

31 thoughts on “Kawasaki Ninja Zx10R In Action

  1. nice bike nice sound! Just think you should learn to do that speed while being able to stay on your side of the road. Could be another zx10 you take out coming the otherway by not riding on your side. could be me!! rather get your knee down and stay on your side. LEAN MORE is what i am saying

  2. I’m from Canada but i went to cyprus last year with the military once i left afghanistan. I loved it there and want to go back. I was in pafos when i was there.

  3. We are a nice beautiful Island indeed….Next time you come to Paphos come to my office for a coffee and bikes talk 🙂

  4. Nice, what kind of exhaust is on that? I go rid of my 09 Hyabusa and the Kawasaki zx10r is the bike I would buy next. The Busa was a great bike, just too much bike for me. I LOVE the sound of your bike. IMHO- Best street bike today!

  5. Hi Christopher, I use an Arrow exhaust but what makes the huge difference is the external microphone attached. And Yes, zx10r 2011 is a great gift.

  6. Sublime mélodie.
    Le micro est proche du silencieux.
    Est ce qu’il est mis dans une petite boĂ®te ou est-il Ă©quipĂ© d’une bonnette antique vent ?
    Merci pour cette vidéo.

  7. Wow that sounds very similar to a banshee in the higher rev range. (Banshee’s rev range to be exact)

  8. Awful riding. Nothing wrong with speed but smoothness is key. You would be down 15 times in this video without TC saving your ass smh

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