RM15,000-ish Beginner Motorcycle: Kawasaki Z250SL, KTM Duke 200 & Naza N5 — Ep.7

RM15,000-ish Beginner Motorcycle: Kawasaki Z250SL, KTM Duke 200 & Naza N5 — Ep.7
On this episode, the team got their hands on a few Beginner Motorcycle that falls under the group of RM15,000 price tag. The newly introduced Kawasaki Z250SL, the KTM Duke 200 and the NAZA N5. Watch how the three bikes fit each of it’s role in the motorcycling industry here in Malaysia. The film will share some of our opinion on how the bike is performing in catering the growing market of beginner motorcycle here in Malaysia.

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23 thoughts on “RM15,000-ish Beginner Motorcycle: Kawasaki Z250SL, KTM Duke 200 & Naza N5 — Ep.7

  1. What a lot of fuss. I came to this video because I am really interested in getting a Naza N5. So what, there was not test, If Naza won’t provide a bike, So how? Stop with all the hating. These guys are trying to entertain, spending their own money to tell you about bikes in a fun way. So, I never got a review of the N5. big deal, Naza, seem to fail miserably at both Marketing and Customer Service. My friend has a Naza Cruise 650 and is waiting 6 weeks for a new radiator. I’m still interested in the N5 and there are lots of reviews out their (just look for Hyosung instead of Naza). MalaysianridersTV keep up the entertainment and ignore the haters

  2. Bro. what is the different btween 250SL and Z250SL? i just realised only the outlook different..250SL is for beginner too ?

  3. bila yg kome x tahu mcm mana media penyiaran dilakukan, sblum nk buat tu depa dah call tya thru email etc secara rasmi, dan yang boleh jadi mcm ni bila wakil NAZA duk diam diri xmau ckap, bebal…lain kali tgok dan paham dlu bkn bash saja, plus dah ckup dah depa buat utk review specs semua..kira ok la tu, bunch of jokers who try and pretend to be a pros while they are just a person with a blank head, lain kali upload sndiri la kome pnya review dah klau pandai sgt…ni org bg review free pn ckup rahmat ler bro, dah klau NAZA sndiri x bg cooperation mcm mana nak maju…bila org kita sndiri nk bantu tp ego bodoh sombong..butthurt sgt…lain kali tgok dan pham bru komen..pfttt

  4. Great video guys, but you all better make an improvement on the video…especially about naza n5, it’s not a bad bike either….

  5. I hope someone reply to this.. Between the KTM Duke 250 (yes the 250 not 200) and the Kawasaki Z250 which should I pick for daily use/commuting?

  6. pakai naza dh…tp smpai skrang msih sangkut kat umah….spare tggu lama gila….babi pnya naza…masa beli bkan men ckap spare kompom snang dpat….sbab mrka dealer nie la…..wakil nie la….puikkkk….model naza xyah beli je….kalo rosak….smua spare ssah nk dpat…bagus tunggang babi je dari tunggang naza….

  7. 1 person should ride all 3 bikes and compare them according to his opinion… that is a must, that is what we call comparison.. a comparison; one thing is being compared relative to another thing..

    how soft is soft? how light is light? how comfortable is comfortable?

    Yes all review is opinion.. but how come u review a thing when u dont even ride it?

  8. How tall are you guys,i just want to imagine how would i feel and look on the bike if i knew your size

  9. Nice review from our Malaysian reviewer, good job but I still not satisfy with the common comparison which we can just google it for the specs of the bikes. IMO, what you feel about the first ride of the bike matter the most in this type of review. BTW I’m looking forward to next review, ride safe 🙂

  10. Find this a very helpful video. Well done ! Moto Aid Malaysia (24hours Motorcycle Assist) support u guys always 0163778183 / 011-26407873

  11. aku pkai n5 so far so good. fun to ride. masalah moto aku fork dpn ade leak. warranty ade lg, so gi sc kat shah alam, setel. kipidap naza. harap diorg akan kluar kan model motor yg bagus2 yg mampu milik. kat channel aku ada video ride n5 ni jemput2 la tgk 😀

  12. The production quality is tremendous. I wonder why there are so many thumbs down, is it from butthurt Naza fans or…?

  13. aku dah 2tahun pakai n5..spare parts senang..Korner bagus n tiap Kali jalan 600km p balik..budak budak bertiga Ni baru bawa motor..depa x faham lagi..maafkan mereka

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