Volkswagen Polo GTI vs Kawasaki Ninja 300 – Car vs Bike: Episode 3 | MotorBeam

Volkswagen Polo GTI vs Kawasaki Ninja 300 – Car vs Bike: Episode 3 | MotorBeam celebrates 2 lakh subscribers on YouTube with a car vs bike fanboy drag race video. In one corner is the Kawasaki Ninja 300, the most expensive 300cc motorcycle in India while on the other side is the Volkswagen Polo GTI, the most expensive sub 4-metre hatchback. Both these vehicles offer thrilling performance but there is always a twist in the tale.

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35 thoughts on “Volkswagen Polo GTI vs Kawasaki Ninja 300 – Car vs Bike: Episode 3 | MotorBeam

  1. We just hit 2,00,000 subscribers, thank you #MotorBeamers for all the love and support, here is a video to celebrate the milestone. Don’t forget to hit LIKE on this video, something exciting is coming soon so stay subscribed and notified.

  2. but one thing is that man with gti dont lnow how to drive a car in race.the thing is that vw polo gti olis far many time faster than ninja and ktm 390

  3. surprise entry by duke was too good!
    waiting to see a drag race between 2013 and 2017 KTM Duke 390 soon?

  4. usually motorbeam stuff is very good, but this one ……… damn it was lame. probably because the car was lame too and the fact that there was no point of creating the drama if you can’t.

  5. Hi motobeam I am Jagadeesh from Nellore ..i am struggling to buy bike for both long and city rides …can you please suggest me a bike … budget is 1-1.5 on road price

  6. LIONS are single always, that doesn’t mean it is weak… clouds cannot hide SUN for ever… A TRUE BIKER KNOW WT A DUKE 390 IS CAPABLE OF…….?…..?…..?
    anyway the video is superb plz don’t use such words coz it may hurt someone’s heart who loves it true. I love my bike… let it be rickshaw or a crap it’s up to me.

  7. great video.!! I want to know the name of that game ? can anyone tell me?

  8. you guys forgot to switch off the traction control. check out the video in my channel. it’s way faster to launch without traction control

  9. well Duke is best in performance class but atleast 2017 ones sounds better and what do u expect from single cylinder bike to sound like 4 cylinder ones atleast is faster and reasonably priced too…which makes it best bike too..?

  10. wtf was dis video. KTM I mean wtf. I got it another cheap KTM fan boys. another asshole

    Near the high rise apartments
    Which location is this

  12. One of the shitty video ever seen in my life , what are you guys trying to prove in this video

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