How To Change Motorcycle Engine Oil | Kawasaki Z800

How To Change Motorcycle Engine Oil | Kawasaki Z800
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14mm Socket Wrench
6mm Allenkey
Cutting Plier
A tub
Oil filter wrench
New engine oil
New oil filter

36 thoughts on “How To Change Motorcycle Engine Oil | Kawasaki Z800

  1. Zohair Bro kudos to the efforts you put in and make such informative videos. Also can you please suggest good tires for (ER6N)

  2. Bhai pet nikal rha tumhara…!!!!
    By the way I enjoy your talks…
    hyderabadi dialogues rock

  3. bhai what do you do with the oil you removed .. ? do you just throw it away in some gutter or what ??

  4. I just brought that cover for 800 rs and Zohair bhai is using that to collect old oil. Disappointed πŸ™ lol

  5. Zohair chain replacement ka koi Dyi video hai? I want to replace the chain sprockets of the ninja 650

  6. which is the best exhaust for z900 and whts a rough idea of the price

  7. I have changed the oil of my z800 after watching this video and the underbelly assembly removal is not required and does not even require paddock stand but very helpful video. thanks

  8. Zohair mian aapki Hyderabadi accent bohot mast hona mian. I love the way you talk man, you can make a rondu laugh his lungs out brother. Cheers.

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