Bar End Mirror Install | 2017 Kawasaki Z650 | Retain your bar weights!

Bar End Mirror Install | 2017 Kawasaki Z650 | Retain your bar weights!
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Bar end mirror install, and how to keep your weights with factory bar ends! Parts and tools below.

**Yoshimura Alpha Exhaust – Carbon Fiber / Stainless – Carbon / Carbon Fiber

**MZS Shorty Levers

**The camera used in this clip:

**The microphone:

** Get the Z fender elimination kit here:

**Bar end mirrors:

**LED Headlight:

**LED corner markers:

**LED accent lights:

**Motorcycle stands:

**More videos coming soon!!


15 thoughts on “Bar End Mirror Install | 2017 Kawasaki Z650 | Retain your bar weights!

  1. Another great video! It’s like having a personal consultant for mods for my Z650. Thanks.

  2. Alternatively, you can move the hand controls (throttle/clutch) inward by 1/2″ to create enough space to mount the mirrors. I did not want to do this due to where my front camera is mounted, and because I didn’t want to narrow the grip. Personal preference.

  3. Nice man, I’ve been wanting to get bar ends for my z650 but didn’t know the best way to do it. This video is great

  4. How have they held up while riding? I installed some aftermarket mirrors off amazon and the vibration of the glass was horrible. I like the look of your mirror setup.

  5. Love the tutorial, but I’m having a huge issue getting the bar ends to come off. I bought a heat gun and an impact driver and have had no success. This seems to be a big issue for Kawasakis that I can’t find an answer to anywhere.

  6. Wish mine came out that easily… I’m loving the look of the bike without the bug eyes now!

  7. Note: If your weight bar does turn, you need to make sure the damper bushing doesn’t get destroyed when it turns. This was the case for both my handle bars (degraded at the dealer). I had noticed 1 of the end weights would rotate slightly before removing, and my weight clamps were bent so bad and completely unusable I am forced to get new ones.

    If this happens you will need these:

    Shipping costs will be more than the hardware!

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