Rebuild of a Kawasaki Fuel Pump, From 2006 ZX6R 636 Motorcycle. 12-7-13

Rebuild of a Kawasaki Fuel Pump, From 2006 ZX6R 636 Motorcycle. 12-7-13
Kawasaki 636 wouldnt run. It was not getting proper fuel. The previous owners fuel was garbage. sludge was in the tank. I emptied the fuel tank then removed the fuel pump in order to clean out the filter which is inside the pump. It too was full of junk. After cleaning it out. Putting it back together. And then filling it with fresh gas. It is alive again.

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  1. hey man, what was your bike doing that made you say “its the fuel pump”? im new to servicing my bikes, I can ride well for about 10 minutes with a little power loss (can feel it isnt right) and then after about 20 minutes I get bogging, surging on occassion, and Im unable to redline the bike. Is this what you experienced? i want to clean my pump and filter and hopefully that will work.

  2. I have the same bike. How do you get the pump out of the bottom of the tank? I removed the 5 bolts thinking it would just slide out but was wrong. HELP!

  3. Yeah I understood all the steps up untill actual pulling out the pump (of course with all the bolts out). Funny, theres litteraly zero amout of clearance (thanks Kawi), so you need to rotate the pump while firmly pulling upward. There’s a 1mm sholder which makes pulling out the sending unit really challenging. I’m real surprised I didn’t find more input on this step but hey, the filter is now clean an the tanks awaiting to be media blasted. Good video☆☆☆☆☆

  4. I have same bike and did same thing only my pump wont prime unless I jump it from battery any help? Can text if you have answer I won’t be on here much thank you. 727.580.0330

  5. Hi what did you clean filter with? Or did I miss something I’ve not got a ninja but a 1400 gsx wondered if you had the mesh type filter!! Thanks

  6. Thanks mate the dealers told me the filters of I needed one would be like £157 and mesh £57 obviously if injection cleaner don’t finish the trick I will first try cleaning them thank you

  7. Where can I find more cables, like the power leads, and float etc. mine are all corroded

  8. Hey, I have an 06 zx6r 636 as well, I took the fuel pump out today because it wasn’t even priming when i turned it on checked all the fuses etc. Long story short is I narrowed it down to the fuel pump being shot. So i was curious as if this was the same issue you expierenced and if taking it apart and cleaning the pump fixed it or if you had to purchase replacement parts in order to fix the issue.

  9. I have a 04 zx6rr and it runs okay until it hits about eight grand on the tach. At that point it feels like almost a rev limiter. To go any faster I have to shift to the next gear which is the same story 8000 in all gears. A lot of people are telling me my fuel pump is cutting off. do you have any thoughts? Appreciate it

  10. FRE Can you pls tell me which is negative and postive on the power leads i kinda loss on my fuel pump newbie here just learning from your videos ty

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