Best Beginner Motorcycle 250cc vs 600cc

Best Beginner Motorcycle 250cc vs 600cc
So there’s a lot of controversy about whats the best beginner / starter motorcycle, usually 250cc versus 600cc vs even a 1000cc. Also there’s controversy about whether a dual sport or street bike is the best beginner motorcycle. I’m here to tell you that I think the 08-12 Kawasaki Ninja 250R is the best beginner bike. A R6 or any 600 is going to have a ton of horse power that is hard to handle as a beginner. It doesn’t take much to pop a wheelie on a 600 and while your learning to ride on the street, you want to keep both wheels on the asphalt! As far as a dual sport vs street bike goes, that’s completely person opinion. You just have to figure out which type of motorcycle you like better.

The reason I say the ninja 250 is the best beginner motorcycle is because they are easy to ride and there’s a ton of them so their cheap (spend just over 00 on craigslist). Also you are going to drop your first bike, so don’t make your brand new Honda cbr 600 the bike that you drop! Get a cheap used ninja 250 on craigslist, then when you feel that you are ready, even if its just a month, get a 600! Also if you have previous dirt bike experience you will probably be able to handle a 600 but I still recommend to get a 250. Also try to avoid pre 2008 ninja 250s because the newer ninja 250s 2008 – 2012 are much safer and stabler. Even if people say there is no difference between the old vs the new ninja 250 don’t trust them. The newer ninja 250 is much easier to ride and a much much better beginner motorcycle. And it looks sick for a 250! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Best Beginner Motorcycle 250cc vs 600cc

  1. personal opinion here and i know its an old video, but choose your beginner bike based on the individual bike’s ability and your needs. there are other options between a 250/300 and a 600 super sport. bikes like the cb/cbr 500 series, the fz6/r, the ninja 650, fz-07 are all also great starter bikes. if you know you’re going to be doing a lot of highway riding don’t go buy a ninja 250, go ahead and get a 500 or 650 as you will have more power to do what you need to do. bikes like the fz6r and ninja 650, even though they have 600+ cc engines, are not tuned to turn 16,000 rpms and push out 120-130 hp. they do have a lot more torque than a 300 but they still don’t top out much more than 120 mph, and they definitely don’t accelerate like a supersport. Everyone always tries to break it down to just the 250 size bikes and the supersports and completely ignore the other options available in between the two extremes. this brings me to my next point, you can start on one of these larger bikes even if you don’t necessarily need the extra power, for the purpose of not outgrowing the bike so fast. the smaller bikes you’ll get bored with within a month, the 500-650 bikes will likely last you a lot longer before you need to step up.

  2. well…… Last time I checked, im still in tact, and alive. But weirdly enough, I started on a 600. No dirt bike experience. Or any other experience to really speak of. I love my 2005 cbr600rr. Never had an accident with it, take good care of it, and I do have a tendency to speed on it in safer conditions. So I disagree when you made all those generalizations about 600s. Maybe a 600 would have been too much for you, but that doesent mean people cant handle a 600 as their first bike. They just have to know the facts, and come to terms with the fact, that they wont be able to abuse that power unless they would like to get hurt as you said.

  3. getting my first bike soon appreciate you bruh lol my dumbass ready go get a 600cc

  4. Im thinking of going for a ktm Rc 390 or the 390 duke. Idk which… Im just starting but, I want something that will last me because I’m 16, and I’d rather have a bike that I can use moving up into my 20’s and last me a while, rather than a grom or something that I will out-grow in a month or 2 of riding. I have no dirt-bike experience, and am only going for a motorcycle because it gives more performance than a car at a similar price.

  5. I started on a fzr600 and have absolutely loved it, I’m 17 and insurance isn’t bad, just makes you learn faster

  6. This was filmed by my college, nice to see a local shooting videos!

  7. R1 is beginner friendly, R1 stands for 100 CC (because R6 stands for 600!!!)

    Just go to the dealership and tell him you’ll buy Yamaha R1… And cranck the throttle.

  8. About 15 years ago I did everything wrong. Now I wish I had been more humble. Today I’m a good rider, but had I started on a 250cc I would be a GOD on 2 wheels by now.

  9. He has a great point about how if you start on a 600 then you will have the mindset of “Im so cool; FAST FAST FAST” Yaty yaty ya. Props to u

  10. Looking to get my first bike having just turned 21, feel like this video tried to enforce that everyone will go for a super sport in the 600cc class. Never one mention about bikes such as the er6n, Suzuki gladius 650; bikes like these have 60-75bhp instead of the 130bhp that is pointed out. Also there are restriction kits that can be fitted. It would make SO much more sense to buy a 600cc and restrict it, then you’re not having to swap bikes when you’ve decided you’re bored with the power, just take the restricter off.

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