KAWASAKI Z1000 SX Review Road Test 2014 Model GT Motorcycles

KAWASAKI Z1000 SX Review Road Test 2014 Model GT Motorcycles
Our review of Kawasaki’s Z1000SX. A fantastic motorbike to ride, we have several in the showroom and one on demo so come in for a test ride!

Starting from £9299,
With ABS – £9699.

These are available in our showroom. Call us today to enquire:

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With thanks to Mount Tavy Cottage (B&B + Self Catering) for letting me film on their property (static panning pictures of the bike), check out their website:


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7 thoughts on “KAWASAKI Z1000 SX Review Road Test 2014 Model GT Motorcycles

  1. best bike i’ve ridden.  awesome all around bike, so i bought a blue one.  incredible.  the power is sooooo usable.  6th gear from 25mph and up and accelerates like hell at anytime and is soooo smooth. 

  2. I’m seriously considering chopping in my ZRX for one of these so I’ve been doing a bit of homework. TBH, so far I’ve not read or seen a bad review and it appears that the 2016 comes with slipper clutch and ABS as standard … and it comes in blue. What’s not to like ?

  3. End of my second summer with my US bike. Did all my biking in North Yorkshire when I lived in the yookay Love it. Pulls from VERY low down like a 1200 Bandit but better ! Touring position, but it’s a sports bike alright. I had 3 x 1200 Bandits and this is lighter, much faster and better handling.. It’s top banana. Goes to bed next week as it gets minus 30F here in Wisconsin. Cross an 800 VFR (had one) with a big Bandit and double it. Had a GSXR 1100 which was a difficult ride and scared me, but this bike does everything. Buy it !

  4. And in addition it would look good in white as robcig said you might want to come down a tooth to 15 on the front sprocket to save you looking for seventh gear

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