2016 Suzuki GSX-S1000F vs Kawasaki Ninja 1000 – MotoUSA

2016 Suzuki GSX-S1000F vs Kawasaki Ninja 1000 – MotoUSA
Kawasaki’s Ninja 1000 faces a direct challenge in 2016 from Suzuki’s all-new GSX-S1000F. Practical and affordable, we’ve been eager to compare the two side-by-side where their similarities and differences were revealed out on the open road. Read the full comparison: http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/2016/02/article/2016-suzuki-gsx-s1000f-vs-kawasaki-ninja-1000-comparison-review/

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18 thoughts on “2016 Suzuki GSX-S1000F vs Kawasaki Ninja 1000 – MotoUSA

  1. 2 cons for me with the Ninja 1000.. Vibee engine and weight. I;d always choose lighter handling bike, more power, and more comfortable.. The Suzuki wins on those 3. The only pros of the Ninja are the convenience of adjusting the Windscreen and Remote rear suspension preload adjustment..

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  3. I took the (SX in the UK ) ninja out and was disappointed about the lack of power and poor traction control ,in full power its just snatchy

  4. That Suzy has been smacked hard in the face with the ugly stick. Shame, because from every other angle I think it looks pretty good.

  5. Buy the Ninja. This Suzuki has been built to a budget and not very well at that, it has one BIG problem that is the ECU throttle control is shit, try and ride the bike at a constant speed below 100k and the engine runs just like you are turning the ignition off and on, or when the bike is at running temp bring the revs up to about 2500 rpm and hold the revs there you will notice that the engine runs like shit. Suzuki know that there is a problem but are not doing much about sorting the fault. The suspension is soggy and the bike needs a steering damper, after owning this bike for 16000k I had had enough and sold it back to the bike shop. THE BIKE IS A LEMON

  6. Great comparison:
    a head to head contest and an actual winner.

    Watching many YouTube comparisons, and they all leave you watching reviews, and so many cop-out wishy washy decisions! Kuddos for declaring a winner.
    Both beautiful machines, when you look at the bikes you want one that does it all, & perhaps carry your bags on weekend treks.
    The Suzuki seems great all around minus the baggage.

  7. fuel economy is bad for something that weighs a sixth of my car, which does 60 MPG.

  8. Please do another comparison with the 2017 Z1000SX and the Suzi.
    Maybe throw in the R1200RS from BMW, too.

  9. Funny, honda and suzuki always seem to be the comfortable bikes to ride, as opposed to the kawis and yamahas

  10. Rubber covered Peg’s on the fuji heavy ind. bike & Absalutely Zero mention of this Real World Road trip riding, that Rubber Covering add’s way more Long Distance Comfort that any other peg can’t & Never will ,& i’ll be Going with the GSX-S 750’s Rubber standard peg’s as a Swap out for the 1 liter bike.Stupid how suzuki only Rubber cover’s the 3/4 liter bike & Not the 998cc bike, & Absalutely Dumb. Smoking Low Grade Crack again Suzuki or What ?

  11. the best bike in this category is the BMW 1200 RS anyway (I’ve heard / read) … besides that these two bikes a hideously ugly – ugliness is the only category where they are a close match to the BMW.

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