Yoshimura Motorcycle Exhaust Unboxed by my sexy Girlfriend

Yoshimura Motorcycle Exhaust Unboxed by my sexy Girlfriend
Can you hear me now? Good……..

31 thoughts on “Yoshimura Motorcycle Exhaust Unboxed by my sexy Girlfriend

  1. hey very nice video
    Little question: I’m about six feet tall, would this bike be to small for me?

  2. @rheaMDC21 ok thanks for taking your time to write an answer that explains it all.

  3. @ikkeennigij121 — get a kawasaki VERSYS instead. It has a high seat height.

  4. @rheaMDC21 i’ve indeed seen that bike, but you can’t say it’s good looking.
    What about a suzuki gladius?

  5. @ikkeennigij121 I’m 6 feet tall (180 cm) and this bike is great for me. But I suggest you see a Kawa dealer and take a seat on it, so you will know for sure.

  6. Why the filipinos always use Yoshi? Is there any reason for that, or just the name is some relation?

  7. @ikkeennigij121 This bike would not be too small for you. I fit on my buddies Er6 without any trouble. Its a pretty decent all around bike so its built to fit everyone.

  8. what model of yoshimura is this? i own ER6F (ninja 650R) and interested in ur exhaust. wont neighbour complain with such a beautiful sound?

  9. A little late, but it’s definitely not too small for you. I’m 6’2″ and don’t feel cramped at all on it.

  10. a silly question that i want to ask…
    this one is yoshimura usa right? so whats the diff between the yoshimura usa and yoshimura japan?tq!

  11. Hello friend,

    does the “FI” light on the dash, turn on for You, when You change the exhaust? Mine is always lighted up when engine is running, without blinking or anything? any thoughts?

  12. That awkward/disappointing moment when you realize the title reads “My sexy wife, unboxing a YOSHIMURA exhaust for my Naked Bike” and not “My naked wife, unboxing a YOSHIMURA exhaust for my Sexy Bike”. What were you thinking dirty lil ol’ mind o’ mine!

  13. Im 6’2″ and had the 2007 ER6n in driving school. Not comfortable but ok. I tried the 2013 ER6n today and found it much more comfortable than I remember the 2007 version. But the 690 Duke is still my favorite.

  14. is this exhaust export to indonesia? and can i use it for kawasaki bajaj pulsar 200ns?

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