The Kawasaki KH250 Motorcycle Review 70’s & 80’s 2 Strokes Part 1

The Kawasaki KH250 Motorcycle Review 70’s & 80’s 2 Strokes Part 1
The Kawasaki KH250 was one of the most popular 2 stroke motorcycles in the 70’s and early 80’s. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of this classic bike.
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12 thoughts on “The Kawasaki KH250 Motorcycle Review 70’s & 80’s 2 Strokes Part 1

  1. It’s a viscous ‘cycle’. Bikes become collectable, people buy them, restore them, use up all the available NOS parts, then put them in mothballs. Availability dwindles, prices go up, then they become too ‘expensive’ to ride. Shame.

  2. I had a KH250, was told it was fast. Couldn’t get it above 60mph and it’s handling was dreadful, having to fight it through every corner I came to at 60mph. A friend rode behind me one day and when we stopped he practically fell of his bike laughing. The speedo on my KH seemed to stick at 60mph and I had been trying to corner it at 80 and 90mph, thinking I was doing 60.
    It also went on fire on me, another rider pulled alongside me whilst on the move gesticulating wildly. Pulled over and found that there was a fire under the seat, some of the wiring had shorted. Didn’t stop it going though!
    Great wee bikes, just tended to run out of steam a little if going up a long hill….

  3. I remember back in the day an English bike mag commenting on the KH250 “Requires no intellect.” They were probably the best looking 250 back in the day but they didn’t make much sense. I had an RD250 and CB250 RSA wihilst still at school at this time. One was considerably faster than the KH one was considerably more reliable and practical and both were considerably cheaper. Still them wer’t days. Nice restoration by the way. Must of cost at least 50 quid (just in case your wife is watching). Meh I want another bike.

  4. cant beat the sound of microns on a triple ,even a boring old gt380 sounded sexy with microns on .never actually owned a kh although now would love an early 400 s3? with microns on .I think every 50+ should have a 2stroke triple in the garage to play with , “the scene is set ” the mrs goes out on a Saturday she has given you a long list of diy jobs to do round the house that you have put off for a year . you go into the garage to get you tools (in good faith) your tool box catches the dust sheet that’s covering your 2 stroke (other love in your life) ok first . and you notice the bit of tank that’s been exposed is dusty , so you think il just wipe it down / polish it .well I might aswell do the crome aswell . mmmmm I wonder if it will start ? well it seems rude not to take it for a spin round the block / local café / bike meeting place . whoops is that the time 5.00 I best get back and put the bike away befor the mrs realises iv been playing with it .(neighbours will probley grass me up )lol

  5. had the exact same colour kh way back when lol oh how I wish I had kept it 🙁

  6. I found an exact same Blue Kawasaki KH250 in an old barn and bought it off the farmer for $100. What do you think it is worth?

  7. Nice bike, but a pity to spend all that time and money and then not ride it.

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