Top 5 Future Motorcycles (With their Videos)

Top 5 Future Motorcycles (With their Videos)
Top 5 Future Motorcycles (With their Videos)

Kawasaki J Concept
Honda V4
BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100
Honda Riding Assist
Yamaha Tesseract

Kawasaki J Concept Three-Wheeled :
This machine takes design from the 19th century into the 21st by way of enabling the machine to adapt itself to us rather than the other way around. In this, it is truly ground breaking, because despite such devices as sport-tourers or dual-sports, our bikes demand that we adapt to them, not vice-versa.

Honda V4 :
In three dimensions, the V4 Concept brought to life the core of Honda motorcycle design with an unprecedented level of purity and realism, affecting those who experienced it with their eyes on a deeply emotional level—and even more those who were to ride it.

BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 :
All new – and yet the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 still captures elements from the BMW Motorrad timeline: black triangular frame, white lines, classical opposed-twin engine type. The design of the front is minimalistic and refined with high-quality detailing. Above the front wheel, a large metallic reflector is integrated in the frame.

Honda Riding Assist :
Honda Riding Assist motorcycle, a concept model of our self-balancing motorcycle, was exhibited at CES 2017, the world’s largest consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow. The Honda Riding Assist motorcycle won three top awards at CES 2017: The Best of CES 2017, “Best Innovation” and “Best Automotive Technology” awards as judged by Engadget*1, the official partner of the Best of CES Awards, as well as the Popular Mechanics magazine’s*2 Best of CES “Editors’ Choice Awards.”

Yamaha Tesseract :
The Yamaha Tesseract was a hybrid electric concept vehicle introduced by Yamaha at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. Although the Tesseract is technically a quadricycle, Yamaha has called it “The 4-Wheeled Motorcycle” because it has a frontal profile nearly as narrow as a conventional motorcycle and because it has a tilting wheel suspension that allows it to bank like a motorcycle.

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  1. Soys retrasados si creeis esto , la unica moto futurista que existe es el concepto de honda de la moto que nunca calle y te sigue como un perro

  2. En el PS4 Sí te creo pero en la vida real no primero con esas porquerías perderían el estilo original de las motos aparte de eso que el futuro no existe

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