Kawasaki H2R vs 1350hp Nissan GTR – 1/2 Mile Airstrip Race 3

Kawasaki H2R vs 1350hp Nissan GTR – 1/2 Mile Airstrip Race 3
World’s Fastest Bike races 1350hp Nissan GT-R built by SP Engineering. First time the claimed 300hp supercharged Kawasaki H2R hyperbike has been used in America. Roll race with 50mph start speed.
Photos & Story Here: http://bit.ly/1FnHdEj

Special Thanks: Omega Motorsports, Sport Rider Magazine, SkyPixel Media (drone footage)

39 thoughts on “Kawasaki H2R vs 1350hp Nissan GTR – 1/2 Mile Airstrip Race 3

  1. Roll on races do not make any sense…
    I have always known a race to be from standstill to top speed over a certain distance…

  2. A super highly modified GTR makes it 3-4 mph faster than the H2r?

    That means the H2r is one or two mods away to take Godzilla out the race lol

  3. i love his helmet
    thats a shoya tomizawa’s memorial edition. what a cool helmet

  4. If they started from rest the h2r would have won but I imagine this was to pander to the gtr fanboys and so did a rolling start instead.

  5. لاه بارك يا سيارة gtr زيدي vitesse ما تحبسي ما تفريني اسبقيهم كامل ?☺??

  6. The reason the GTR won was because unlike the othe two cars it had 4 wheel drive for a insane launch and then pure power takes over

  7. こんな短い直線でバイクが負けるんじゃ、どのシチュエーションでも二輪は四輪に勝てないってこった。

  8. lan bugatti gecemedi gtr nasi gecio isin komik yani lamborghini ile jeti yaristirmalari jetle bugatti hennsey ve agera r yaristirilir aq

  9. superbike sounds and Supercar sounds are just incredible, like ear orgasms

  10. Bill warner done 312 on a Hayabusa at Loring Timing Association’s Land Speed Race, held at the Loring Commerce Centre (the former Loring Air Force Base) in Limestone, Maine…..When car wins everyone has to make a big deal. when bike takes the win, no big deal

  11. If nissan nismo team made 1500 hp GTR STOCK then will you people stop bitching

  12. H2R是原廠 R35已經改裝到1350匹 是要比啥 贏了也不光榮 要不然讓H2R也改裝 在比看看

  13. A cbr1000rr can kill a stock GTR easily (Could DO high 9s at the 1/4 mile) and it costs 16k…

  14. I would go for the stock H2R (yes, IT IS stock even though H2R is not street legal, that has nothing to do with the actual definition of the word stock). The chances/risk that you would end up next to a 1350hp GT-R is slim to zero.
    So to win as many drag races as possible, if that is the goal, I would always go for the H2R.

  15. Because the Motor Bike-Enthusiasts are crying out loud…could you do the same Thing again just with a GTR Alpha Omega so that people see that a GTR with 1600hp can be much faster than the fastest ever production Bike?If that isn’t enough just get a Top fuel dragster and they’ll shut up for sure 😉

  16. Fastest cars are always faster than fastest bikes! Yes they cost more than bikes bc there is more to cars than just 2 wheels and an engine! The paint job on some cars cost twice as much as average bikes price so I don’t wanna hear this stupid price argument! We are talking about which one is faster!

  17. Where are the original ones? hahahahahhaha lol h2r win!!
    original h2r 😀 cars are not original 😀

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