Top 4 Reasons Not To Buy Kawasaki Ninja 300 | MotorBeam

Top 4 Reasons Not To Buy Kawasaki Ninja 300 | MotorBeam gives you top 4 reasons not to buy the Kawasaki Ninja 300. Although one of the best bikes in its segment and also the top-selling motorcycle in the quarter-litre space for a long time, the Ninja 300 has now started to show its age with competition being intense in the 200-400cc segment.

The Kawasaki Ninja 300 competes against the Yamaha R3 and KTM RC 390 in the Indian market, it is priced upwards of Rs. 4 lakhs.

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33 thoughts on “Top 4 Reasons Not To Buy Kawasaki Ninja 300 | MotorBeam

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  2. bro loved that moment when the guy was f****** the ninja300.inthe beginning of the video I think he was not satisfied with his ninja and facing loss of money every time.

  3. Lucky in Australia we have the ABS and the Ninja 300 is priced well, Also if it ain’t Broke don’t fix it…Love the Ninja 300..But hey this is what You Tube is for..

  4. Well , yea brakes and tyres aren’t that good. and lacks abs too … but i do can upgrade my tyres to better ones. Yea , lack of ABS will be a big reason for not buying this , specially when the R3 will come with ABS in India. But you know what …. I’ll still choose this bike only ?? … I can’t get enough of this bike. And yes, the new colour scheme looks fabulous on it. Eeh … well then I need to save some money lol ?

  5. losers fools idiot … ohh no f**king idiots !! lol
    jin ko burai karni the karli chution nay.
    dhakan ko ye tak nai pata kay abs is bike mai ati hai chution.
    tere channel ku unsuscribe to kar raha hun . magar kuch sikha kar ja raha hun. duke walo say biko nai apna talent waste na karo . logo ko galat information day kar kia dikhana cha rahay ho.

  6. I’ve just recently started getting into motorcycles and I don’t understand why one headlight is always on and the other has a smaller “high-beam” type light.

  7. No ABS? You guys are idiots. This is the stupidest review I have ever seen.

  8. u shouldnt take the bafler out and u fake alot of that cause they are good bikes

  9. Actually it does have fucking abs, there is an abs edition and non abs, also has a lot of damn tech for a 300cc bike that they implemented.

  10. This video has two things wrong why will anyone who dosen’t have money will buy this bike and give everything to buy it. There are options too, for them it is not neccesary or no one told them to they have to get that.
    Second I know you don’t like Kawasaki but kicking the bike in front wheel you made a great respect for yourself.
    I know kicking will not harm the bike but there is something called respect.

  11. This is one of the most ridiculous reviews I’ve ever seen. The first reason that you give is you’ll have to trade more than money as you depict a guy almost giving the shirt off his back? What the fuck does that even mean?

    You then going to talk about not having ABS brakes which I don’t think is actually correct your whole video is just crap maybe they give India all the shit vehicles but here in Australia they’re are actually pretty good and from what I can tell they have pretty good reviews.

    Total BS information from a fuktard foreigner and this is coming from someone who’s never ridden a motorcycle in his life but definitely knows how to read information and watch actual motovloggers talk about riding different motorbikes.

  12. This is the best answer given to me after asking my self… How fast this thing can go ? 🙂

  13. what a bike !!!! The reason why Kawasaki couldnt make big in India !!!! Probably coz they didnt wanted to assemble their bike in here !!!! it was all imported !!! so being pricey couldnt be avoided !!!!

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