Motorcycle Review – 2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

Motorcycle Review – 2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R
Motorcycle USA takes the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R to the track and on the street in their annual Superbike Smackdown. Check out all the Open Class sportbikes and read the entire comparison test at

12 thoughts on “Motorcycle Review – 2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R

  1. I have a limited edition 2007 and it handles like a 600. Fast Fast Fast and Im 6 foot 3 and the pegs are fine. It lays over in a turn with almost no effortand my back tire has a quarter of an inch on the side that hasnt been used. It lays way over. Power wheelies like a MotherF@@ker

  2. ive had my 07 zx10r for 4weeks now, loved it until you reach 120mph n then have the wobbles. everytime no mata wot the road is like.

  3. the older moder ZX10R is better. its not as stable, but way more responsive. this one has too much weight in the back. i had to make a custom pipe on the side to avoid the weight of that god awfull undertail muffler pair

  4. I got the 2007 zx10 . Down here in the south (N.C) alot of gguys got the gsxr1000 . I wanted a literbike but didnt want to jump on the gixxer bandwagon . I didnt want a CBR or R1 either . I picked this bike up AUG 2008 as a leftover . I havent had anything like this . I’ve put tiforce exaust , power comm , and BMC and got dynoed at 178 , thats a stock engine bike ! By the way , I’ve had a couple of gsxr1000’s for dinner …

  5. yeh i got it sorted out, ohlins damper wasnt even workin, got it rebuilt n now the 10 is beaut, all the way to the limiter with no hiccups

  6. Every video I watch of reviews they pretty much say the same freakin thing for everybike. Terrible reviews. Pick out more differences and what actually sets the bikes apart from each other.

  7. got my 06-07(same thing) last month. its kick ass! carbon fibered out, just had the chain tightened, due for a valve adjustment and she still rocks out! perfect starter bike contrary to what those others wussies say. if youre used to fast speed and tight cornering then the zx10r is perfect. havent been on a bike in 10yrs!!! just jumped on one recently and i couldnt be happier. you gotta have big balls to ride this beast though. plenty of scares if youre not ready. whoohoo!!! let the goodtimes roll

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