The Kawasaki H2 750 Motorcycle Review 70’s & 80’s 2 Strokes Part 2

The Kawasaki H2 750 Motorcycle Review 70’s & 80’s 2 Strokes Part 2
The Kawasaki H2 Triple was the game changer of the 750 market in the early 1970’s and gained the nickname “The Widow Maker” due to the amount of young inexperienced riders who couldn’t handle the savage power compared to the tame 4 stroke bikes of the era..

In this video, we look at A classic restored example owned my the Kawasaki H2 Master, Rick Brett who shows us his classic collection.

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35 thoughts on “The Kawasaki H2 750 Motorcycle Review 70’s & 80’s 2 Strokes Part 2

  1. Mine was a 72, Denco chambers, radical porting, bored .040 over, K&Ns, clip-ons, done right at Phx. Kaw, ran Dunlop K-81s back then, it would start wheeling before I could get it straightened up coming out of a corner, crossed up wheelies, tee hee, 100 mph power wheelies in 3rd gear, np, never got beat by anything, lol. My friends with Harleys had to respect me but they didn’t like it, lmao! A friend with a built Harley challenged me to a race, starting at 100 mph, he was a machinist I worked with, machined his own jugs out of billet to get huge bore, nice engine but…lmao… I wheelied off while he looked like he was standing still!!!! LMAO!!! Great thing was they were so light, about 400 lbs dry, stripped, the exhaust was really heavy so, chambers gained a big savings. Couldn’t keep the front end on the ground, what a rush!!

  2. Bunch of boring old farts … ooh what i had when i was a kid lets put the licence regs back to then and let the kids have the fun you guys had give that bike to a 17 yr old

  3. OMG I’m in heaven just watching these vids 🙂 in 1979 I was 18 years old and I got myself a 1974 Green H2 , I almost killed myself many times and like one other guy was saying here , I never lost a race . I had it bored and ported polished with chrome chambers and the old school winn air filters foam ones 🙂 . I am 55 and I know I’m crazy but I want one now and I know how to respect a wild azz POWERBAND  , I hope I can find a nice one turn key for 10 to 15K ?  Thanks to all you awesome men :))

  4. I had a 1976 about 26 years ago, it was the only bike I had much respect for or fear or both, the front tire don’t like to stay on the ground, and they load up a lot, they don’t like to go slow

  5. I worked at a Suzuki / Kawasaki dealership when those first came out. The first one we got we had to remove the swing arm in order to install a no masterlink chain. This was a modification right out of the crate. At the time, I just got my permit, I weighed about 90 lbs and rode this bike around. What a rush, I couldn’t use full throttle in first gear. That was crazy now that I look back it.

  6. I had an S1B purchased from Pete Davy Motorcycles Sleaford. I loved that bike and tried several times to kill myself on it (Not intentionally !!) Like a muppet I sold it for just £260. I knew I was making a mistake at the time and I’ve long since wished I’d just left it in the shed !
    Hey, money was tight back then and as an upcoming speedway rider I needed the dosh.
    I often wonder what happened to it so if you come across XTL 292S on your travels.. That was my beastie !!

  7. What a well made and informative review video, one that concentrates on the bikes for a change and not the image conscious career climbing reporter with his new bike licence acquired so he could apply for the job!
    Well done!

  8. Thanks,great video.Had an H-2 called a Paul Dunstall model ,my second bike ,was this only in the states.

  9. Nice video, love the two stroke triples. I don’t like to criticize but the correct word is restored for “posterity” not prosperity.

  10. I had a 73 h2a with the denco kit for drag racing ( expansion chambers,pistons rods and frame reinforcement tubes wheelie bars optional ! ) sold it because it scared the crap outta me!!! if I remember right #3cylinder smoked like crazy because of a defective o ring in oil pump had to replace

  11. My Kawasaki was a h3 500 green tank. Hell that thing could fly back in the 70’s. Lot of fast fun. The next fast bike I had was the Yamaha RZ500 v4 in the 80’s . I survived. Great video.

  12. Very cool video. Most people have never and may never see these models. Top shelf.

  13. There is nothing like the sound of the 3 cylinder Kawi’s. just hearing one gives me goosebumps.

  14. I clearly remember when these first came out… Went and took a test ride with thoughts of buying one. Had years of riding big bikes under my belt; good thing! These things LEAPT at a touch of the throttle. Salesman tagged along on a second bike for the test ride. We got back and he asked what I thought? “I think I’d be dead in a week!” was my exact reply.

  15. I had one an h2 750 in 1989.
    I couldn’t out drag more modern 4 strokes because I couldn’t keep the front wheel on the ground.

  16. have a 88 rz 350 power valve,looking for gas tank,should do video on power valve bike,great videos keep them coming!

  17. crude and rude, I love these bikes. Standard riding position is the best, too. I covet these. Who’d a thunk that good examples would command today’s high auction-driven prices, sheesh.

  18. I had a purple tanked one back in 78. Rode it from San Francisco to Los Angeles, but I left my kidneys in Bakersfield!

  19. My 1974 H2 had Denco Barrels EX Chambers and stingers. It was a rocketship !!!!. Never ever got blown off on that !!.

  20. These bikes will shit and get. Make no mistake. I had the KH 400 version when I was 16 and it was fast. It would hit 90 in 3rd gear with the front end coming up on asphault. In the 90’s, I have owned several vintage bikes from the late 60’s and 70’s. I love these old bikes. Have you ever heard of the Kawasaki F7? It had some interesting innovations.

  21. He said it has no power band and just pulls from 1000 rpm. Impossible! Without valves it is impossible to have linear power through the rev range. Even four strokes have power bands and variable valve technology is used to give a more linear torque curve.

  22. The only real trouble with that engine is that it barely manages 5 miles to the litre.

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