KLR 650 – My Kawasaki Adventure Motorcycle!

KLR 650 – My Kawasaki Adventure Motorcycle!
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29 thoughts on “KLR 650 – My Kawasaki Adventure Motorcycle!

  1. Dude, I am just trying to give you some constructive criticism. You should just really remove this video from YouTube. But, that’s okay, keep bad videos on your channel so you don’t get more subs.

  2. I fail to see anything “constructive” about your comment… Perhaps you misunderstand the words you use.

    I don’t make videos to “get more subs” from whiny, entitled keyboard warriors. I make videos to document the moments of my life I deem significant. This video, Flip Cam shake and all, is a part of that document. As such, it stays.

    You can feel free to go, though. Plenty of other videos for you to “constructively criticize” off to the right over there… —->

  3. hey dude where did u get that zombie sticker i gotta get one sweet bike bro have fun i got rid of my 2004 harley davidson and just bought a 2012 klr ive had more fun on that that the freakin crappy harley

  4. I think your video is great, and I’m pretty sure that after watching it all the way through I’ll be able to live just fine.

  5. From the looks of the video..it’s about a KLR 650…not about how to film. This film was one that help me get interested in getting a KLR.

  6. Awesome! Glad I could play a part in your new addiction!

    Those old Flip Cams suck. But hey, it’s all I had at the time! Haters gonna hate. 😉

  7. I know there’s a lot of haters out there, but for what it is it seems perfect! I’ve spent way to much money on highly modified dirt bikes, ATV’s, and helicopter flight school…… Just a cool cruiser, and I am definitely in the market for a KLR now!!

  8. Dude! Waaaaay too much camera shake! Holy crap!
    I have this same year model, love it! A few mods done, a few to go..

  9. nice tutorial! can you do it again not during a earthquake! i gotta go take some Dramamine!

  10. You need someone to sponsor you to get a torque wrench??? Why not buy it yourself? If you stopped using hair gel for a month you would have the cash. If you could afford the bike, you shouldn’t need to BEG on youtube.

  11. Ну ёбана, зачем так камеру трести? Меня укачала через одну минуту уже.

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