Motorcycle Crash 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 636

Motorcycle Crash 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 636
The video of my accident in 2015. Driver crossed solid white line and my front locked up as I slightly turned, braked, and hit the painted line. Bikes frame was bent near frame slider and ended up being totaled. The SUV suffered from a blown rear left tire and a few paint scratches.

I was kind of ticked off at the time because my previous bike had been backed over less than a year before this.

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26 thoughts on “Motorcycle Crash 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 636

  1. now I see. fuck that bitch for cutting you off bro. I hope you’ve won the insurance claim.

  2. yup sure is that bitch was on her phone all the time thats why she did not notice you!

  3. Hey Ryan, would you mind if i use this video for my next crash compilation ?

  4. I knew it…Woman driver, stupid wanker where are you looking at? It could have been a truck behind you and not that biker.

  5. Hey mate, would it be cool to feature your crash in a moto crash compilation some time soon? Credited in the description… thanks, MM.

  6. love how she jumped out of the car with her phone right in her hand… you know why? cause she was F.N on it while driving a 2 tonnes wrecking machine… idiot cagers

  7. So I saw this on DirtBike Lunatic’s page and I live right up the street from this!

  8. f’ing car drivers – as a biker you’ve just got to assume the car driver is going to do the worst thing that they can. Makes it hard to ride and relax but seems to the only way you can keep yourself alive these days. Hope there wasn’t to much damage and you’re OK

  9. Anyone else saw how fast she came out with a phone in her hand. She was texting and driving 100%.

  10. You have to ALWAYS ride like they didn’t see you. I would have never put myself in her blind spot. Car drivers aren’t like bike riders, driving isn’t their priority (ie texting, phones, chatting, radio, make up all come first). She was 100% as fault but there was plenty of things this rider could have done to not be in this scenario.

  11. thanks for posting. I’m a new rider and shit like this pisses me off! stupid fucking motorists not paying attention. I hope that bitch’s insurance bought this dude 2 new bikes!

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