Kawasaki Z125 Pro Review at fortnine.ca

Kawasaki Z125 Pro Review at fortnine.ca
The haters call it a copycat. Kawasaki calls it a Grom-killer. But what do we really know about this motorcycle? Well it’s called the Z125 Pro. RyanF9 takes this little bad boy for a ride and puts it to the test in his latest Motorcycle Review.

Our Bike Review Gear Setup :

Icon Stronghold Backpack: https://frt9.co/9wlq96
Icon Hooligan Denim Pants: https://frt9.co/vrhc0f
Icon Overlord Primary Jacket: https://frt9.co/xrwl7s
Icon Alliance GT Watchkeeper Helmet: https://frt9.co/1x595y
Icon Anthem Primary Gloves : https://frt9.co/1gpx5w
Icon Superduty 4 Boot: https://frt9.co/a4lza8

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14 thoughts on “Kawasaki Z125 Pro Review at fortnine.ca

  1. just discovered this channel. wow. Simply superb productions. I had been to Montreal last year in November. Also have you had a look at the Honda Navi they sell here in India?. it’s automatic, 8bhp and is basically an automatic scooter in different clothes

  2. I’ve been wondering, does the rear suspension being on the right side cause any sense of being off balance or is that something my mind made up to justify my OCD?

  3. Yeah the throwing of food man… that hurts to watch. Still the production value of these vids make me want to call them movies or films. Have your like anyways damnit 🙁

  4. you need to STOP… blowing me away with this insane quality, man. It saddens me that you only have 148k subs

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