kawasaki ZX636 05-06 motorcycle OIL CHANGE

kawasaki ZX636 05-06 motorcycle OIL CHANGE
Made the vid as short as possible with the aim to guide you through an oil change. I have typed out a step by step guide below if that helps. It is quite simple and the video is short so you can stream it to your phone/tablet with out problems.

you’ll need:
bucket- collect old oil
filter – new clean filter
funnel – help pour new oil into the engine
semi synthetic oil 10W-40
filter remover – i used an old fashioned fabric strap attached to a bolt, i cover the fabric strap on to the filter and turn the bolt with a wrench to loosen it. ( i suggest your use a new style filter remover, it is much easier.
Allen key – to remove fairing panels
17mm socket wrench – to remove oil drain plug
new oil drain plug WASHER – throw old one away
torch – to see in dark areas
block of wood – to place under the kickstand, this balances the bike up and helps the oil drain out easily.

heat engine oil 100 degrees approx

remove lower fairing

locate filter and drain plus

prop bike on some wood to help the oil drain

unscrew oil drain plug keeping a bucket underneath, oil may be hot.

once bolt/plug is taken off, replace old washer with a new one.

pour some new oil in the engine, use funnel if you want.
once you begin to see new oil pour out into the bucket, this means the the old oil is completely out

remove filter, keep a bucket under the filter as it will leak

clean up the connection where the filter attaches

rub some new oil around the rubber gasket on filter and in the center

attach the filter, pretty tight, but not tooooo much.

wipe the old drain plug/bolt and attach it back along with the new washer

add oil, keep the oil level between the two markings

start engine and check oil level again and it should rise a little

dispose of old oil

enjoy 🙂

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  1. styles p sets the mood straight bro! so does the bike 😉 thinking of selling it soon tho 🙁 on that day I will be playing the sad walking away theme song from hulk!

  2. Thanks. I was looking for anyone that has put a ZX10 motor in your gen ZX6 which I think is the best looking Kawasaki sport bike ever.

  3. Hi, I used semi synthetic oil 10W-40…Hein Gericke Own brand! Decent oil, decent price. I used the full 5lt bottle. you can pour three quarters in approx 4litres and adjust accordingly. remember some oil will need to make its way through the filter etc so you will see the level go down…top it up till your between the two markers. hope that helps. regards Yas

  4. i just got my first 06 636 and this helps alot! gonna save a lot of money doing it myself now! Thank you so much for the great video

  5. Great vid bro.  Im about to do mine for the first time and wanted to make sure I dont miss anything.

  6. Thanks for this.. Great Job with the change.. About to do mine.. 

  7. How often do you do an oil change with this year bike? I just bought mine from my dads friend who took really good care of it but i forgot to ask him how often i should do an oil change. 

  8. I had wanted to know on the oil level, where should the oil level be for the 2 lines after your started it and ridden it for a bit. I want to make sure I havent put in too much. There seems to be a difference in oil level when it warms up and vs when it is just sitting there cold. If I am at the top line when it is cold (bike off) would that be too high?

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