Motorcycle Sport & Leisure: Kawasaki Versys 1000 – Interview

Motorcycle Sport & Leisure: Kawasaki Versys 1000 – Interview
Here Bruce Wilson chats with a man in the know from Kawasaki about their new Versys 1000!

Read the full article in Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine – February 2012!

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8 thoughts on “Motorcycle Sport & Leisure: Kawasaki Versys 1000 – Interview

  1. @a3519 good point, but I’m sure there’s after market centre stands, I wouldn’t stop myself from buying this beast just because of that! What a bike Kawasaki, what a bike!

  2. ABS on an adventure bike with no off switch? Wow… Soon to be released in the US and I’ve been hoping for something a bit more road worthy than my 09 KLR to keep up with the guys I ride with mostly on big GS’s or KTMs. We do enough off road that this could be an issue. Being a diehard Kawi man and not crazy about the monster weights of a GS. Thought I might add one of these to my stable for longer trips but we always seem to end up on a nasty single tracks in the western US. ABS needs an off…

  3. As much as i love Kawasaki.. i have one Kawi btw. It’s a capable sports tourer. the tons of review i see on youtube and read from websites.. It has limited off road capabilities :(. i give you 2 examples. The Low and Exposed underbelly and the low exhaust limits it’s water capabilities( crossing rivers , streams etc).

  4. this is not really made for off road , think of it as a commuter / tourer , that is a choice for folks that want comfort for distance but dont want a cruiser and can still have fun in the twisty bits.

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