Kawasaki Z900RS motorcycle review | Visordown.com

Kawasaki Z900RS motorcycle review | Visordown.com
Is the Kawasaki Z900RS the new lord of the retro bike class? We’ve just ridden it at the launch in Spain to find out.

It has to be one of the most highly anticipated bike to appear at EICMA 2017, with amazing colours including a brown and orange or a matte green. Unfortunately Kawasaki have priced the brown and orange (the original Z900 colours), more expensive at £10,199 compared to the £9,899 in black, 10,099 in matte green.

We were also gutted that we couldn’t ride the Cafe version of the Z900RS, as it wasn’t ready in time for the launch.

Overall a great modern take on a classic retro motorcycle.

Read the full review here: http://bit.ly/2ni9CuP


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21 thoughts on “Kawasaki Z900RS motorcycle review | Visordown.com

  1. Absolutely lovely bike that does indeed remind me of my burning desire to own one when I was about 17. That said, while it is definitely by far the best looking retro styled bike on the market today, I’d still rather go with an adventure bike these days.

  2. Good review. I subscribed again.
    Good eye on the front fender. That does take away from the bike.
    Otherwise, the styling is great. The console looks great.

  3. ooo hadn’t noticed that mank front fender mount until you mentioned it. Well I guess that’s easy to change.

  4. Great review and great bike. Though I sat on a green rs cafe at the Sydney Motorcycle Show last week, and fell in love.

  5. I love this bike except for one thing, that 4 into 1 exhaust. I’d be looking for an aftermarket 4 into 2 to balance up the look of the rear.

  6. I think some manufacturers could sell shit on a stick and people would still buy it. (I’m not calling the bike shit, I just don’t see the point)

  7. I was remotely interested (z1000 gen 4 owner) but, not for me, kinda sick of the whole jumping on the retro bandwagon thing…KHI should have been busy putting the H2 lump into the z1000 – they’d have cleaned up in the naked sector in one swoop.

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