My Kawasaki 2017 KLR 650 MotorCycle First Review

My Kawasaki 2017 KLR 650 MotorCycle First Review
My Kawasaki 2017 KLR 650 MotorCycle First Review. This is just a few little tid bits on what I think about my new motorcycle less than 700 miles into it. Some modifications that I have done to it. Ive put -SW-Motech crash bars on it, the KLR 650 dash, the backroad equipment trunk pelican box, the givi panniers, and the sw-motech skid plate which will be installed soon.

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  1. i have subbed and liked your channel …i hope uh too will subb my channel back It would be great to support each other!

  2. that surging is because your chain is too tight back it off a little and it will disappear

  3. also i think i would find a different place for that catch pole its just in a generally bad spot cant put your right leg down on the trail and if you fall over on that side your likelihood of breaking a leg or knee goes way up be safe out there and enjoy it

  4. Yo MO. ALWAYZ ADV here. Just wanted to answer the question you posted on my last video. The Eagle Mike front fork brace….Absolutely recommend it. I found my riding experience to be significantly better on both the highway and the gravel. I think gravel just takes time in the saddle. The more you ride it the more predictable the bike gets in various types of gravel conditions, chunky, lose, thick, etc.. And of course the more predictable the more comfortable.

  5. You thought it was too big? You look like a pretty big guy. I always worried that the KLR was a bit small for me (never sat on one). I was hoping to get myself onto a Super Tenere this year, but..(life). I really like this bike, but how do you think it would handle to-up?

  6. I’ve been experimenting with my 2008 KLR since I bought it new. right now I have karoo3 on it and like them very much. I have a Dunlop d606 in the garage to go on the back next. I’ve never tried it. a lot of guys like the hiedenau k60 scout. I have never tried those either. I have run a set of kenda k270. liked the rear but the front wobbled at speed. I had michelin anakee 3 set. great on road, not so much off. here lately I have been going with more off road type tires. thanks for the video!

  7. Your problem is called “surging”. Not enough fuel!!! Re-jet the carb for a cheap fix. Go big with all the carb upgrades , air box, and slip on exhaust for a different bike. Make you grin from ear 2 ear

  8. Yeah I had the same problems with bolts not lining up after taking things apart, the front left fender made me boil over, lol.
    The top rear rack after mounting a pelican case was a pain as well.
    Keep up the good videos ! It s always nice to know I am not the only one who struggles sometimes!

  9. What you are talking about at 1:24, that was happening to me too. Your bike might be running lean. You need to clean the carb, check fuel lines, etc, etc, etc. For me, on the right side of my bike, the rubber ( the black thing connected to the carburetor) was loose and wasn’t getting the right air to fuel ratio because it was letting in too much air. It would feel exactly like you’re talking about at the 1:24 minute mark.

  10. I have a 2014.5 New Edition KLR. Love the bike. The very first time I took it on a muddy trail with stock tires, I looked like Goofy of Ice LOL. I immediately replaced the Stock tires with D606’s for the front and back. That turned the bike into a Mountain Goat!! No more slipping and sliding at all. The first set of 606’s I bought I was using my front brakes quite a bit on the street and that caused the knobs on the front tire to wear at a bad angle. Now that I’m my third set and using the rear brakes mainly on the highway, I’m getting alot more mileage out of the tires. Give them a try. The first 40 – 50 miles on them, they will feel a little loose but after that, you’ll be happy with them.

  11. I’ve got the stock tires on my 2017 and they are no good in the mud….slips like ice.

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