Kawasaki Z900 Review First Ride | Visordown Motorcycle Reviews

Kawasaki Z900 Review First Ride | Visordown Motorcycle Reviews
What do you think of the Kawasaki Z900 and do you agree with our verdict? Tell us in the comments below.

Visordown Motorcycle Reviews: Kawasaki’s naked Z-range is one of the pillars of the green brand from Japan-land.

It began in the early ’70s when the mighty Z1 made its entrance and now one of the bastions of the range, the Z800 is being replaced by a new model – the Z900.

It’s got big shoes to fill – Kawasaki has shifted over 200,000 Z800s and its Z750 predecessor, although that also means the new Z900 has a lot of potential customers, which is why Kawasaki expects the Z900 to be its second biggest seller this year and it’ll be offering demo rides.

Power comes from a 948cc inline four-cylinder engine – it’s dervied from the Z1000 and has a smaller bore size. It makes 125hp at 9,500rpm (12hp more than the Z800) and 72.72lb/ft torque at 7,700rpm. The engine is paired with a short ratio six-speed gearbox (the first five gears are short and sixth works almost like an overdrive) and has also been given a new slip assist and slipper clutch.

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7 thoughts on “Kawasaki Z900 Review First Ride | Visordown Motorcycle Reviews

  1. For someone that’s almost 6 foot 3 and weighs 200 pounds which one would be better, the 800 or the 900? If I get the 900 it will have no abs, is it worth it?

  2. who cares about traction control. it’s overrated and over used today

  3. thats weird. The MT 09 is actually 100 bucks more expensive than the Z900 in germany according to the prices listed on their webpage

  4. I test rode the z900 and the 2017 fz09. I bought the fz09 for a few reasons. Traction control, quick shifter, led headlights and that monster crossplane triple cylinder. I really liked the z900 but for the same price the fz09 I felt offered more.

  5. test road one of these today loved it brought back memories of my 1200 bandit from years ago great fun excellent torque even from low revs in top gear very nimble turns quick induction noise from air box sounds nice at the higher rev range no fluffy throttle at the at the lower end and you can ride at 30 mph in top gear no problem . i did find the riding position a bit cramped for me being 6 ft 3 but you can get a higher seat a lower the pegs by 50mm . that being said i bought one anybody looking to buy a naked bike don’t rule out one of these why pay 2k more for a 1000 dosen’t make sense .can’t wait to pick it up .

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