Should your First Motorcycle be a Ninja 300 or a Ninja 650?

Should your First Motorcycle be a Ninja 300 or a Ninja 650?
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One of the most common questions I get asked is if someone should learn to ride on a Ninja 300 or a Ninja 650. While there is no clear cut answer to this, I try to explain my standpoint on the topic.

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31 thoughts on “Should your First Motorcycle be a Ninja 300 or a Ninja 650?

  1. My thing is my weight. I’m 274 checked today. The 650 has that power that my weight wouldn’t be as much of a problem. I know my riding would be more enjoyable as I drop drop to about 220-230 which is my goal

  2. I just got the 15 ninja 300 SE, an love it how ever I do feel as tho I could’ve started with the 650. I don’t regret my decision to start slow and work my up I’m not trying to win any races. It’s all about making it home safe.

  3. I’ve ridden both and I gotta say the Ninja 300 is a great starter bike. It has enough power for “realistic” riding and does great for commuting around town. It does ok on the highway only thing that sucks is on windy days you get blown around quite a bit which can be kind of scary for a new rider. I’ve upgraded to a 650 and that is not an issue. Definitely a lot more stable at high speeds because it’s a bigger/heavier bike.

  4. I’m a girl. And am 5’10, weigh about 198-200 LBS.. I was told that I should start on a Kawasaki Ninja 650.

  5. It depends on how confident you are. If you own a dirtbike and ride it knowing the clutch and gear sequence then you may have the confidents to ride the 650 for a first road bike. But if you aren’t that confident in the clutch sequence or have no clue on how to ride, the 300 will do perfectly as the clutch is forgiving and the bike itself is low power. It also looks good!

  6. I wanna start on 650 but the UK law don’t allow me to get any bike above 400cc because i’m only 19…WTF

  7. I wish I bought the 650 instead of the 300 to learn on as my first bike. I could have afforded the 650 no problem, but as you said in the video, “Insurance goes off of the CC.”
    I grew out of my 300 after 2 weeks wishing I would have bought the 650 instead. My opinion is the 300 is too slow, but I’m glad I got a Kawasaki Ninja as my first bike.

  8. i have a kawasaki gpz305 1984,,,had it for over 30 years.. i,m 48 now an still love riding it..never sell but think the 650 is one helluva bike…good review man

  9. Let me get this right, your insurance company, which goes strictly by displacement, would charge less to insure a Honda CBR600RR than a 750cc Honda Shadow cruiser?

  10. Both bikes are good. I when with the 650 cause is heavier and torquy I commute to work on it. Florida highway drivers are no joke. It’s really depends on the rider environment and riding style.

  11. Someone has a nice ’13 650 with 2700 miles for 4200 usd so i’m probably going to go that route but just watching you on that makes me so anxious to get it because it looks so fun.

  12. Hi… My experience was….. In bought a Ninja 300 s.e. With ABS to start riding, in second hand with only 2400km, and then, after 1 year, i sell it, and finally bought a Brand new 650, with ABS too. I think it was the best choice. In my opinion, the 650 is too strong and heavy for an unexperienced guy. Start slow an safely.

  13. I got bored of my Nina 250 way too quick. I should have started on the 650 first. But, everyone is different. If you can just borrow a bike for a few days to learn on, you might feel good about the 650 real quick and not want to waste your money buying and selling money pits.

  14. For insurance (UK) Many,many moons ago. I started on a Aprilia RS-50cc at 16. That was a U.K group 7 insurance. It go from 1-20.

    3rd party. N.A. liability alone was 350 GBP P/A Cheaper to insure a 2000cc car hehe.

  15. I bought the 2017 650 over the 300. I am extremely happy with it and I’m glad I didn’t go for the 300. I’m sure the 300 is a great bike, but I like the extra power. The power is very controllable.

  16. I bought a 650 as my first bike and was fine. love the bike and still have it. real easy to control.

  17. I’m on my second season on the 300. The school taught me on the 250. Each day is a learning experience and the confidence keeps building. The 300 is directly responsible for the confidence building. Can I now ride a 650? Of course. I want a 600 though but am i done making mistakes for which the 600 won’t forgive me for? Who’s to say but one thing for certain is that the 600 wouldn’t have forgiven me for the mistakes i made on the 300. The 300 is owed respect and my gratitude. Maybe if i started on a bigger bike and made the same mistakes i would have retired from riding due to injury or fear. Who’s to say?

  18. I’ve made my decision. I’m going with a 300 Ninja. At 53 yrs. old,it’s all the bike I want or need. No need to upgrade.

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