Kawasaki Vulcan 750 Test Drive

Kawasaki Vulcan 750 Test Drive
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7 thoughts on “Kawasaki Vulcan 750 Test Drive

  1. I don’t get the point of having a bike but have to sit behind in traffic like cars and other automobiles. Why do you get a bike? Is it it just a toy? A play thing? I’m so glad I live in a civilised country where lane splitting is allowed.

  2. I had the 1985 with the black engine. Straight pipes and setting off car alarms. Traveling in the sun fun.

  3. Great video! One of my first bikes and still love it. No longer have a bike but when I get another one would love to get another 750 Vulcan if could find one. And just like you said, some people love the 80s look. I took it on the highway seldom but when I did it was just great – very comfortable and has great pick-up as well. Thanks again for the this great review. Ah that sound brings back wondrous California memories before I moved to NYC and sold it vs transporting.

  4. The 500 is a parallel twin. The 750 is a vtwin. An uglier bike has never been built, but I owned a vn750 for a while. It was ultra reliable save for the vac petcock valve issue. I had to carry one withg me at all times lol. Takes 1 minute to change. Mine ran great and was a great commuter. I did not have a car for 2 years, I rode that vulcan to death lol.

  5. Just to speak to the power of this motorcycle, I was about 280lbs when I had mine. I took a female friend who was a solid 200 lbs up the mountain on rt40 south of uniontown PA. It is an extremely steep 3 mile twisty scenic road. The bike was able to travel faster then I had the balls to hang the corners at. They definately have more than enough power for anything you want to do with them. The are just ugly as sin lol.

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