2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Test Drive

2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Test Drive
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20 thoughts on “2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Test Drive

  1. i have ridden an older 1500 classic and had a bad experience on the highway it felt like it was struggling. i was wondering it the bike was shit or if they are all like that

  2. Hi
    I’m looking a one of these as my first full size cruiser, I’d like your thoughts and how customisable are they ?
    Thanks Max

  3. i bought a used 2005 kawasaki vulcan as my first bike, first time riding after 40 long years. i bought it on impulsed i was afraid to ride it back home for lack of practice, my wife’s friend drove it home for me. i was intimidated how big it is for my size at 5’3″.

  4. My 03 1500 has 56k on it and runs flawlessly, love the bike and love how it rides on the highway! My wife and I take trips with it and it is very comfortable.

  5. i love your videos mate, I’ve got a kawasaki vulcan vn800 and ready to move up to an even bigger bike and thanks to your videos I’ve nrrowed my choices down to a Harley fat boy or the kawasaki vn2000 lt ?

  6. you make great videos…. i.will say your the reason why im.buying a vulcan 1600..

  7. Looking to get a Vulcan 1500 as my first bike. I know it’s a big bike for a starter bike but I’m 5′ 9” and almost 300 pounds. I’m not super tall but I’m pretty big. Do you think it will be ok or should I go smaller bike?

  8. 3200 is about right, NADA value is very low for these bikes for a reason. They are nice if you can find them priced correctly though.

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