Kawasaki Versys 650 : Review : PowerDrift

Kawasaki Versys 650 : Review : PowerDrift
The New Kawasaki Versys 650 marks the arrival of a potent, able, well equipped, mid sized touring motorcycle in India.
A dream come true for many long distance riders.

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For more information about the 2016 Kawasaki Versys 650 click here – http://www.bikewale.com/kawasaki-bikes/versys-650/

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19 thoughts on “Kawasaki Versys 650 : Review : PowerDrift

  1. Hell, i just came here to watch some silly review and to hear some exhaust sound, tha HELL i did freakin watch a bloody hollywood MoviE man! You guys are just Nuts! I throw the money to the screen that i spare for buy a bike, hope you get it! Damn.

  2. I can’t think of anyone that makes a high quality of videos as you do except for maybe FortNine. BUT! I have NEVER seen bike reviewers have as much damn FUN on bikes as you guys do!

  3. Hi I have watching PD reviews for a long time now. Loved them. I am planning to buy a mid level superbike. I have shortlisted z650, ninja 650, versys 650, triumph Street triple. Can you please help me with the best value for money out in this segment also looked at dominor. Really confused. Please help me out and also suggest if any other bikes are equally good. I want more of a tourer as I travel almost 70kms daily in Bangalore. And often weekend rides. I currently own a bullet 350.

  4. What amazing background score throughout. Simply the best review of any car or bike segment ever seen..

  5. I’m just sad that this review has to come to an end.. i may have to just go get one Thanks PowerDrift **** Amazing video

  6. I know this is the wrong question to ask in this video but what camera did you use to shoot this?

  7. This one captures through the videography and the music, the essence of Konkan so beautifully that one almost feels it’s humid air on their face, the faint aroma of fish being cooked in the distance and a vibe of vacationing so strong that one wishes to ditch whatever they’re doing and head out to the shores over there and sit for hours staring at the big waters. This, I reckon is a masterpiece from PD, a magical one at that.

  8. You guys are fucking awesome! I forgot that I was looking for ride reviews, and felt like watching an episode of Top Gear! Very well done!

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