Kawasaki Z900 – A Worthy Successor? : PowerDrift

Kawasaki Z900 – A Worthy Successor? : PowerDrift
The Kawasaki Z900 comes with a new, lightweight 948-cc inline four motor, a lighter steel-tube trellis frame and even more aggressive styling. Is the new super naked a worthy successor to the iconic Z800? We find out.

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7 thoughts on “Kawasaki Z900 – A Worthy Successor? : PowerDrift

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  2. Fantastic review. I am having a tough time deciding between this segment of bikes. I have never owned a racing bike only thumpers. Will this make for a comfortable ride for a guy with average height ? Thanks for the awesome presentation.

  3. I rode this yesterday, it was nothing like the z800! ?
    The power omgg ??
    Would just go for it hands down ?

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