Kawasaki Vaquero 1700 Motorcycle ride with David Lilly

Kawasaki Vaquero 1700 Motorcycle ride with David Lilly
Kawasaki Vaquero 1700 motorcycle review by David Lilly. www.davesinsidelane.wix.com/daves-inside-lane
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18 thoughts on “Kawasaki Vaquero 1700 Motorcycle ride with David Lilly

  1. Nice to know your background story…. but was really wanting to see your review of the bike. It will most likely be my next bike- I’m waiting to see if there is any improvements on the 2012 model.

  2. He’s the bomb, handsome man. Can I get a ride Dave? Excellent video. That is a bad bike.

  3. I hate you Dave. 🙂 Just kidding. You have my dream job brother. Well it’s a toss up between that and being a Victoria Secret fitting and tucking boy. LOL. You seem like a cool cat, any pointers for a guy desiring to get into the trade???

  4. more power than a Harley…. LMFAO!

    2011 V V – 105ci (1700cc) 88hp, 108 ft-lbs
    2011 HD 103ci (1688cc) 98.2 hp 102.3 ft lbs – Will be the standard engine in 2012
    2012 HD 110ci (1802cc) 120 hp 118 ft lbs
    2012 HD 124ci should i even mention?

  5. Huh? Why do you have to lie? From Motorcycle dotcom-“Powering the new Switchback is the Twin Cam 103, an engine that cranked out 66 hp and 81 ft-lb of torque when we tested it in our 2011 Bagger Shootout”. That’s REAR WHEEL numbers, all anyone really cares about.This comparo is on the same site-and the both engines were almost equal-with the Kaw having a slight edge. Go to the site and find the comparo-this video is part of it.

  6. It’s nice motorcycle but it’s a bit under powered it could use a few more horses.

  7. I really want to become a motorcycle journalist. how do i get started. Great video.

  8. Ronnie Horn. All motor companies fib a little on the HP and TQ numbers. Except Harley uses Chinese made parts and have their engines made in Germany.

  9. Glad your feeling better bro, Chiropractors rock! Yes, you’re a late roller but I can say, it’s better to be a little late then not at all. Thanks for the review man and keep it on 2 wheels…

  10. sorry 2015 Harley Davidson roadglide .76 hp. Kawasaki vaquero 88 feel like more

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