How to adjust motorcycle chain on Ninja 300

How to adjust motorcycle chain on Ninja 300
First shot at making a “how to” video on adjusting a motorcycle chain.

11 thoughts on “How to adjust motorcycle chain on Ninja 300

  1. After adjustments the chain now tightens and loosens while I move the bike back and front

  2. for your torque wrench. harbor freight has them for around $30 (to own). they work great too.

  3. I searched this video purely because I’m having difficulty aligning the wheel since the notched plate on the right has wiggle.
    I didn’t expect you to answer my problem but you did! But can you please let me know how you know the little plate should be full forward before assessing the notches?

  4. you dont need any of that it already comes with the tools for it if you look under your passenger back seat

  5. thanks for the video can you please explain to me how to get the ride side of the bikes alignment mark to move , the left side is a lil bit higher than the right side is this bad?

  6. Thanks great video. The plate with the mark indicator on the left side also slides (slightly) so does it have to be pushed all the way forward too?

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