Kawasaki Ninja 650 Review First Ride | Visordown Motorcycle Reviews

Kawasaki Ninja 650 Review First Ride | Visordown Motorcycle Reviews
Kawasaki Ninja – Kawasaki’s new beginner-friendly big bike is a replacement for the ER-6f, but does it really deserve to be called a Ninja?

It’s a powered by Kawasaki’s 649cc parallel-twin engine, which makes 69hp at 8,000rpm – that’s three less horses less than what the ER-6f delivers but it ain’t all bad because with 48.46lb/ft on offer, the Ninja 650 has slightly more torque than the ‘6f.

With a claimed kerb mass of 193kg, Kawasaki says the new Ninja 650 weighs 19kg less than the bike it replaces. Weight reduction comes from a new lighter steel trellis frame (saving a claimed 10kg), a new swingarm, plus lighter five-spoke wheels. It’s all sounding very Ninja-ry so far.

Kawasaki says it’s the Ninja 650 is less thirsty thanks to a 6.8% improvement in economy and the Ninja 650 also boasts a slip assist and slipper clutch, adjustable shift light, new Nissin brakes, an X-shaped LED rear light assembly and a centrally-mounted rear shock.

Read our full review here where we compare everything including cost, style and performance: http://www.visordown.com/road-tests-first-rides/first-ride-kawasaki-ninja-650-review


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27 thoughts on “Kawasaki Ninja 650 Review First Ride | Visordown Motorcycle Reviews

  1. By now the discerning public around the USA, Canada, and EU countries should know that anything below about 11 thousand dollars (and equivalent) is going to have “cheap, harsh suspension.” It’s just the way it is.

    If you want high performance serviceable 3-way or 4-way shocks with USD 41-43mm 3-way forks, Brembos on radial calipers, braided stainless lines, aggressive pads, and radial pump MS……..be prepared to pay more than the list price for a motorcycle that wasn’t meant to deliver the sort of Ohlins-plush, Brembo-ferrocious ride people expect from a track-biased motorcycle.

    Sure I think manufacturers could stick slightly stiffer springs in the cheap forks, maybe smaller damper rod holes for slightly better damping quality without changing the price. But really, they are trying to be all things to all people and compromise is the only way to accomplish this.

    Aftermarket has endless options for 3-way serviceable rear shocks. Usually these cheaper forks can be improved a lot with up-rated springs and some sort of emulators for damping. Some actually have cartridge options. Every rider should do the basic fitting of ANY bike’s suspension to their own weight, regardless of what it has. It’s worth it in safety and confidence.

    Swap out the tires for something vastly better. Easy fix.

    I think the new Ninja 650 is a very good-looking motorcycle and is a SOLID update from what it used to be. A couple HP lower can easily be solved with an exhaust/intake/tune. With 42 pounds being lost from the previous model, performance everywhere is going to be higher, especially with lighter wheels.

  2. Dual cab utes probably level pegging with champagne coloured Toyota Camry’s to stay far away from.

  3. I just don’t get why they’ve made the z650 a twin? Would have been nice as a pokey inline 4 – just seems boring…

  4. So the mpg is about 100 according to the gauge at 4:26, yet when looking around I find it to be ~ 45 although this is on the past models. Is the ~100 mpg accurate?

  5. i have a ninja 300. got the bike since 2014 ,daily rider..should i upgrade to this bike or zx6..thanks

  6. got an insurance quote on this today. Been with Allstate for 1 year and a half now, 21 years old, no accidents, have the endorsement,…Full coverage would run me $430 a month.

  7. I’ve ridden the last generation Ninja 650. It was quite buzzy and the tingles were felt in the seat, pegs, and bars. I don’t think on a longer ride all of my parts would have remained numb-free.

    Comparing this new one to that old one, what do you say about vibration Visordown Motorcycle News? I understand the engine is now a stressed member compared to the other style of mounting. Have they revised the crank, balance shaft, or anything else to tune out the buzz?

  8. I personally don’t like that they lowered the horse power and the fuel tank size, if anything, I wish they had made this with a bit more power like 10-20+ up and made it a triple so it can sound better. Really a letdown for me personally

  9. The tires that come on the 650 have never been that great but, once you get new tires it makes a great first bike. Unless you have nervous trepidation. Than I would say 300 and below.

  10. Visordown is not afraid to criticize and I love it. I’ll always listen to your honest reviews.

  11. Good review. But the rider doesn”t ride on the corners smoothly & stable IMO.

  12. Why do you compare THIS with the MT07 and the Suzuki? THIS is not suppose to compete with those specifically. They also have one called Z650 you know, a naked bike, just like the others you mention in this video. If you want to compare this to something else, I would suggest the Honda CB650F and then it comes down to what kind of engine you prefer.

  13. Hi friends! Can i use this bike for a lond trips like a ER6-f/n or it well only for town ride? Thank for advice!

  14. It is not comparable to the MT07 or SV650. This bike is faired and for commuting. I wouldn’t wanna commute on my MT07.

  15. I’m getting one as we speak….just need to get the paperwork done. In orange tho….hate the ugly green and black paint job. 😛

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