Valve clearance inspection on a inline 4 motorcycle (example: Kawasaki ZX6R)

Valve clearance inspection on a inline 4 motorcycle (example: Kawasaki ZX6R)
How to do a valve check on a traditional 4 cylinder engine.

Please follow your bike’s service manual as this video is not intended to be a substitution for professional advice.

The TDC on the crossplane crankshaft on the 2009+ Yamaha R1 is different so the cylinder positions mentioned in this video does not apply.

Be prepared to spend at least 4 – 8 hours doing this service or shell out 0 for a shop to do it.

18 thoughts on “Valve clearance inspection on a inline 4 motorcycle (example: Kawasaki ZX6R)

  1. ””great video””’ thank you very much for the time and effort you have put into sharing this video with us..its very much appreciated so thank you..

  2. Hey brother great video! 2 questions as I get ready to do this. 1. What size is the bit that you use to turn the crank shaft and it is a star type bit not a regular alan correct? 2. How do you tell the difference between the timing marks in the little window to tell which one means which pistons are at TDC?

  3. thanks boss…. nice video because i apply mechanic here in saudi arabia…

  4. Anyone could help me, Where can I buy the 7.48mm shims? I am from Peru, here we can´t have this shims…

  5. u dont really have to take apart that much stuff, if u have changed your own plugs it isnt much more u have to take apart u just have to pull off the throttle bodies which isnt bad they are held on by rubber gaskets, good tutorial tho man i am thinking of doing this on mine soon it is at 16k miles probably in need of valve adjustment.  I know when i just changed my plugs i went ahead and cleaned the throttle body bores and around the butterfly valves and when fully open i noticed the far left intake valve was open slightly and the rest were closed not sure if thats normal

  6. Hi pal, good video mate and I enjoyed watching it and with some interst.
    But you did miss a very important step, in that when turning your engine to TDC that you need to turn it in the direction of which the engine normally rotates. Your manual will specify this, or it should.
    Maybe put a little add on up on the screen.
    Cheer and take care.
    Sid 🙂

  7. I just had a question about the size of tool you were using on the ratchet to turn the crankshaft? If you could please help me out

  8. my service manual for zx2r 1997 also possible typo TDC#1 then TDC#4..same as this case…lucky i didnt spoil my valves pssfghnfvbt<=^$$&&

  9. Stop saying “UH” and “UMM”. The video is littered with these phrases… very annoying to the viewer and simply a bad habit with regard to public speaking.

  10. Click ANYWHERE in the video and within 3 seconds you will hear “uh” or “umm”.

  11. You should put shims toghetter so u can exactly measure the valve clearance…
    Like, 0.10mm + 0.07mm = 0.17mm and measure again

  12. What the actual fuck. You stumbled all the way through this god damn video and at the end you say, ” oh the manual was actually right, but i did it differently”. I am trying to compare how to actually do this in regards to my shop manual. Take this god damn video down you piece of shit.

  13. if a cylinder is at top dead center can I measure both the intake and outtake clearances?

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