Kawasaki KX125 Electric Motorcycle

Kawasaki KX125 Electric Motorcycle
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11 thoughts on “Kawasaki KX125 Electric Motorcycle

  1. Coolio. Feel like letting me ride it in exchange for some channel promotion? I live on Maui as well.

  2. Hey, would love some more info on this build as I have a derbi senda 50cc frame that I’m am building as a electric bike, what size motor/battery did you use and do you know the end weight of the bike,

    Many thanks form England

  3. See previous video for specs. Not sure on the weight but if I had to guess I would say just over 200lbs.

  4. Hi,

    Just having fun riding around like on your video. How many minutes would this battery combo last? Also are you running any BMS on this system?

  5. Can you share some battery pack details with us? Are those CA20/40aH? Also what sort of runtime are you getting and what is the total bike weight?

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