How to Change Motorcycle Brake Pads – ZX6R

How to Change Motorcycle Brake Pads – ZX6R
**I don’t mention it in the video, but please remember to put the backing plates back on when installing the new pads.**

So i got a new Swann Freestyle HD camera and I decided to throw together a little how to video in order to test the camera out, and because I needed to change the pads on my 2006 ZX6R anyways. I have upgraded to calipers from a 2010 ZX6R and decided to go with EBC HH pads. My first How-To video and the camera angle could be better, but let me know what you think overall. Thanks

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  1. How frequently should you change your brake pads and oil? (Why do people change their oil?)

  2. Didn’t you forget to put the pad backing plate on new pads? I’ve just change pads and get terrible squeaking sounds at pushing speed. I’m going to add backing plates and try again…

  3. Its ZX6R P7F. I’ve found this on some forums “Usually its the disk pad backing plate thats missing or dry. There should be a tin cover over the back of the pad that you remove and transfer to the new pads.” You didn’t do that with old-new pads in video. After transferring covers and reapplying grease noise disappeared :).
    Anyway great tutorial – thanks mate! Just wanted to mention the backing covers for some over first-timers like myself.

  4. I don’t know if you could help me on this one. I have a question for you. My rear brake pedal is very louse. Lately when I pushed on the brake pedal I feel as if there’s no break on my rear so Please if you know what’s going on help me out. the problem is from the rear brake pedal I dont know why its so louse.

  5. So, on a motorcycle you don’t need to replace the rotors. I know that they can’t be machine turned because they are too thin. Just spray with brake cleaner and that’s it? (unless they are warped of course.)

  6. how easy is to change the back ones? do you have a video of that? thanks in advance

  7. Great video! I still remember the 1st time I had to change the front pads on my old 06′ 636, and had no clue what I was doing. Didn’t help that one of the pistons in the Stock Tokico calipers had froze.

  8. Great video! Thanks for posting. Using this and the manual really helped. Have you ever recorded the rear brake job?

  9. Great how to video! Easy enough for most people to tackle with only a few tools! Thanks!

  10. question the brake cleaner, i heard is corrosive. My question is if I use brake cleaner can I damage my rubber rings on the pistons?

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