Kawasaki H2 vs. ZX10R vs. ZX14

Kawasaki H2 vs. ZX10R vs. ZX14
Three different ways of going very fast, but which is faster?

37 thoughts on “Kawasaki H2 vs. ZX10R vs. ZX14

  1. i bet all of y’all commenting are not bikers and if ya are ya like them stupid slow ass harleys I’d beat your car anyday

  2. ZX 10 R aparenta ter um corpo mais leve que o das outras, por isso freia mais rápido

  3. Nice. I own a modded 2003 zx12r and she’s a monster. 175rwhp 75pound feet of TQ.

  4. You can’t make the H2’s engine any larger but you can supercharge the ZX-14r. If that thing was supercharged it would eat the H2 alive and still cost less.

  5. stfu you stuck up old man
    its not a shallow analysis

  6. I’m 9 days away from getting my (0-miles) 2016 ZX-14R… stoked! 🙂

  7. The fuck is a newton meter? The hell is wrong with ft/lbs of torque?
    Fucking hipsters.

  8. And not a drag race was had that day. Thumbs down for ten minutes of everything but what people actually wanted to see the most.

  9. Yessssss, an yesterday i bought the new ZZR 1400 (*ZX14R*) Performance Sport..? i drove the ZZR1400 2007 witch also is a very good bike.. ? but why you should by a ZX10r our a H2 if you’re never race on track..?. you can drive for a very long distance with the ZZR 1400 an it wil never boring our hurts your ass ?

  10. I can ride my ZX14 all day long, litre bikes after a few hours my back is killing me. 14 is the most comfortable bike!

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