The Best Adventure Motorcycles – Kawasaki 1000 Versys 2017 – Test Ride & Review

The Best Adventure Motorcycles – Kawasaki 1000 Versys 2017 – Test Ride & Review
Kawasaki 1000 Versys 2017 – Test Ride & Review
It is not the typical Adventure Motorcycle. Kawasaki promotes it as a dual sport, but I think that it is more touring or street orientated. The first impressions I had is really good. The design and the finishing quality are excellent. It’s coming with two colours, dark orange and Kawasaki green. The tank is 21 litters and promise 350km of range. The engine is 4 cylinders and delivers 120 H.P. The suspension is up site down, nice shock, both fully regulated. Front brakes are with two disks 320mm and Brembo calipers. You can easily see that everything on it talks about street riding. The handle bar is 22 mm with nice curvy shape, exactly as touring bikes. Anyway, I was nicely surprise how easy is to controlled around the city and the weight of 250kg is not a problem at all. On the top of all of that coming the price of about 12,000 euro.

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19 thoughts on “The Best Adventure Motorcycles – Kawasaki 1000 Versys 2017 – Test Ride & Review

  1. I have watched many of your videos. I have 35 years of riding experience; you have excellent all round knowledge and your reviews are credible and believable. Thank you for making such high quality videos. Safe riding!

  2. i saw many videos about the Versys 650 and they really present it has a dual sport bike!. this 1000cc doesn’t look dual sport and like you said it’s more for touring.

  3. front wheel tire at 17 inches in a bit small for dual sport use…..but for sure good touring bike 🙂

  4. thank you for sharing all the test rides
    they are very informational coming from experience wtr rider point of view
    safe riding

  5. I think the saying is ‘Horses for courses’. I think lots of people buy adventure type bikes but never got off road. This bike looks like it would work well for them but perhaps not the desired image. .I have not seen many on the road . Looks like a good bike though. And finally some warm weather in Berlin?
    Good review

  6. i finally bought a triumph 800 xr after reviewing many bikes only 5000 miles it has done , a little bit heavy , i am 1.72 meters and can touch the floor so i am a happy person

  7. Is it chain driven or shaft? I haven’t noticed that în the video? Greetings from Dublin!

  8. Just out of curiousity do you encounter any problems with filming from the polizei ? I know it’s a big No-No in Germany.

  9. Nice review. I would rather hear the motorcycle and your commentary while riding than the music though. Is this bike fitted with cruise control? Thanks!

  10. The Triumph Tiger 1050 S has cruise control. Nice on the hand on motorway work.

  11. I have the 650. More than enough power for me and a little bit lighter. Love it! Great handling and comfortable bike. The official suitcase system is ideal as well! I was thinking about the Wee as well, but this was just a little bit more sporty and exciting.

  12. Nice review. I got the GT version of this bike a few months ago, and I love it. It is really powerful and comfortable. Just my type of bike. I do not agree on the windscreen though. Im 185cm and decided to go for a higher aftermarket screen. It fit the bike well and create more quiet and comfortable environment.

  13. Дуже дякую Вам за цікаве відео, придивляюся саме до такого коника.

  14. I like all your reviews. Quite to the point. But not everyone does off-road touring. There are many like me who like to do on-road touring. Can you also review the 2017 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 /Z1000SX which is being touted as a nice Sports Tourer. How will it be for road touring? Also why don’t you test the smaller Versys 650. It should be nice and light with higher ground clearance for your world touring. Let me know. Cheers…

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