How to Wheelie a Motorcycle: Part 3 – Stand Ups

How to Wheelie a Motorcycle: Part 3 – Stand Ups
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You asked for it and I delivered. Part 3 on stand up/staggered wheelies. Remember to ride at your own risk and keep it as safe as possible.

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32 thoughts on “How to Wheelie a Motorcycle: Part 3 – Stand Ups

  1. lol, new back tire, your a bad boy arnt you, lol a 250 will yard 2nd, 3rd gear wheelies, tack the fuck out of it and it will, but, no, ive never ridden anything smaller than a 600… those little girl bikes look cute tho.

  2. and ya, anything can wheelie…… i had a 230 quad sport as a kid and could run every gear in a wheelie….

  3. and your soo soooo right about useing the clutch to wheelie. thats when you know how to wheelie, its on demand whenever you want on the new bikes, your not relying on the speed and rpm…. thats when you can pull it up at any speed…. except high rpm in 6th gear….

  4. I havent learned to do sit downs completely because I am still trying to get past the idea of actually getting to balance point while sitting down and barely being able to see. I have been practicing stand up just to test my nerves and I actually feel more comfortable in that position. I’ve managed to do short distance wheelies but nothing like you yet. Do you think I should still try to work on sit downs before I can continue working on stand ups?

  5. If you went to a lower gear or went to a higher RPM in that gear, you shouldn’t have to be bouncing it up. That’s a 1000. Definitely shouldn’t have to be bouncing AND clutching. Bouncing and clutching at the same time is usually needed for higher gears. Like my buddy who had a 600rr would have to bounce and clutch in 3rd gear on the highway. It didn’t have enough power to just clutch it up on the highway in 3rd and 4th gear, so he had to give it some help by bouncing it. Just clutch it. Give it more throttle or get in a higher RPM range, because 4500 sounds low for an inline 1000cc for clutching them up. Normally in the 6500 range on my GSXR1000. And, I’m not sure what you mean by chasing it out. If you’re at balance point, you’re not chasing the wheelie anymore. It should just ride without eating up your RPM band. Usually beginner wheelies are chasing their wheelie, because they are too scared to get to balance point, and they constantly have to be speeding up and “chasing” the wheelie to keep it up until they run out of rpm’s. So, not sure if you’re meaning something different.

  6. i ride a GSXR 600 2013. i learned on a GSXR 2007. I do stand ups. i actually can’t do sit downs. it feels weird to me. I feel stand ups just look cooler, and i have more control while doing a wheelie. i Go up at about 60 MPH in 2nd gear popping the clutch. I do pull up on the handle bars too. I have noticed the closer to balance point you get on the initial clutch up the longer and smoother your wheelie will be.

  7. thanks for the videos. at this point though i believe it is just about practice and feeling out yourself and your bike

  8. i learn how to wheelie on doing stand ups it was easier eventually i ate shit and now im scared but im starting to do it again but now i can do sit up wheelies haha

  9. I’ve been doing my stand ups with just both feet on back pegs and not staggered… so I have no foot on the brake is that a big problem or no? I have pretty good throttle control so I don’t loop it but idk

  10. what about slowing down the wheelie? do u just get it to balance point and come off the throttle?

  11. Indian here, your videos are ultimate.Your tone is that of an ideal instructor.Subscribed!

  12. Thanks man, i can do wheelies but i cant get the wheel realy high yet. your vids help alot man! going to learn stand ups if i get better at sit downs on my 2 stroke supermoto 😉

  13. great videos bro for us the beginners, stay safe. ohh btw where was your location is this video! are those geothermal plants. thankzz

  14. what bar end mirrors are those? my KTM 990 stock mirrors are worthless.. Good for staring at my biceps i guess

  15. I have issues wrapping my ahead around preloading at the same time as clutching it up. Any tips?

  16. Great videos man. Just watched parts 1 & 2. Subscribed. Quick question: how come you always do 2nd gear wheelies? Is 1st gear too short? thx

  17. I have a 2007 ninja 650 and I wheelie it in 3rd gear doing stand ups around 40-55mph and chasing it out

  18. Been biking for years done the accidental power ups but after watching you going to start yo practice. Thanks mate really good information and like the bike have a look at mine check my channel need a Better camera what do you use ? Ps i got a bandit 1200 with gsxr carbs tuned

  19. I got stand ups down in 2nd gear but when you do it in 3rd are you supposed to bounce with your feet? or your hands? like front end bounce or rear end bounce? thanks to anyone with any suggestions

  20. When are you working the throttle, as you clutch or after you let the clutch back out?

  21. i just got a 2015 z1000 , i’m trying to stop doing wheelies , yet i’m here watching how to do a stand up??

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