Living The Motorcycle Dream : How To Set Motorcycle Suspension Sag : PowerDrift

Living The Motorcycle Dream : How To Set Motorcycle Suspension Sag : PowerDrift
Here we are with the Part 3 of our ‘Living The Motorcycle Dream’ series. This time around we talk about why Setting the Rider Sag is important and show you how you can do it yourself. If you still have any queries, type them below in the comment section and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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33 thoughts on “Living The Motorcycle Dream : How To Set Motorcycle Suspension Sag : PowerDrift

  1. wow!! I did adjust my preload but the reason and process for taking measurements was something unheard of!! u guyz!! wow a step in the ri8 direction

  2. Bro, Please help me fix the suspension to softer side of my Honda Hornet 160R, its really stiff…

  3. @Powerdrift , guys when is the Game Of Performance , MV Agusta F4RR vs Mercedes SLC AMG gonna be uploaded. eagerly waiting for over a month now

  4. Hello..

    Maybe a stupid question but..

    What about when on infrequent rides with a pillion?

    Excellent Job.. Soldier in the PD army for life!

  5. Time for full review of Dominar 400..When are you going to do it?? Can’t wait..Eisa lat lagya hai powerdrift ka ki koi review dekhna hai to “bike_name powerdrift” likh k search karta hu

  6. Greeting to PDarmy ! I would like you to also make some videos like this or on troubleshooting about the gearless scooters available in market. Will be really helpful to lot of people because in bike parts are generally more open and hand touchable whereas in scooters they aren’t. So, if you can help us out there too. Cheers !

  7. This is kinda off topic please bear with me :p. Just learned the art of clutchless upshifts and have to say the bike has become much smoother and also feels faster, so my question to you is if clutchless upshifts are done right will it affect the gearbox in the long run. Can you give some details or explain this matter in the coming episodes of this series.

  8. I have a video open of sejal kumar in other tab and this with sargent
    I am now thinking like sharma ji shaadi waale

  9. my bike is z1000 2016 edition same color as yours in this video, my problem is I set preload, rebound and compression on the forks to its softest setting ( fully anti clockwise) and it seems its not working properly, the softest settings are still too stiff 🙁

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