how to install motorcycle alarm system bought from on 2007 yamaha r6

how to install motorcycle alarm system bought from on 2007 yamaha r6
how to do it where motorcycle alarm honda suzuki yamaha r6 r1 gsxr kawasaki

40 thoughts on “how to install motorcycle alarm system bought from on 2007 yamaha r6

  1. Where did you get the RED and BLACK wire from for the LED? The video shows very descriptive instruction on all wiring except where the black and red wire are coming from for the Blue blinking led light?

  2. wow you just showed how not to install a alarm you never cut wires only use adapters

  3. Be nice if you could hear the instructions not screaming in the background. But good video.

  4. Why do you install a remote starter Alarm while you are not using it? Get a cheaper unit without a remote start feature.
    Also, I have installed an alarm (with remote start) and using its kill switch on a motorcycle. Never had an issue and it is a great feature to have.

  5. I don’t know if im just being silly here, but why does the system connect to the indicators? 

  6. ur video install alarm is very good.i want ask u how to install blinker on my bike please show me how cuz when i bought the alarm it don’t came with a blinker for the alarm.

  7. this guy is a jack ass, also  what the f— is that loud ass noise in background , why dont u show how to install most important feature remote start , dip f—-

  8. Bro, how to you connect led lights? You only mentioned the pink wired but the led strips have pos neg. Willit work even without a led strip controller? Or will the lights always be on?

  9. small dick Chris Uhland u have need help man did u forget to take ur morning pills? calm the fuck down

  10. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME! where do i connect the blue cable to (AUTO START)? your video ist helping me  a lot! thank you very much! i am installing this system on my peugeot speedfight 3. 

  11. Where to connect the yellow and grey wire of kill switch

    In case I want to connect

    Do I need to install a kill switch for that..

  12. I just bought this exact same alarm system for $10 Bucks direct from China on Ebay. I would love to have the remote start feature to work and NO I’m not a dumb dick-head for wanting this feature to work like many folks on this thread keep talking about. I often crank my bike and let it warm up in my drive way unattended and it would be great to be able start my bike from inside my house while Im still in my PJ’s on cold mornings. I am also a gun nut and folks in my neighborhood know not to steal from me because they are afraid of being shot-on-sight!When my alarm system comes-in and if I can get the remote-start working I will make a video for you folks that are interested in this feature..My Gixxer is a pristine 1999 model SRAD so maybe I wont have to connect it to 5 different relays! hahah

  13. ey guys whoever wants a vid on how to connect the remote start/stall give me a shout 🙂

  14. this video helps a lot not only on installation tutorial but also in the information on the risk of cut-off power on the motorcycle. thank you for posting this video. god bless you

  15. hello sir, in case i decide to install the remote start, where do i connect the blue and orange wires? where i also connect the pink and grey wires if i want to use the kill switch? i will appreciate it very much if you will answer my questions. thank you.

  16. Great video but it fell short in the testing phase. I like to know how long the second alarm goes on when triggered.

  17. Hi!
    I have tried to vire my led to the orange wire as you showed, but that doesnt work for me. any idea why? Thx

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