2015 Kawasaki Z1000 Motorcycle Review

2015 Kawasaki Z1000 Motorcycle Review
This is Kawasaki’s muscle streetfighter naked bike. It’s very simple, quite dated in tech but offers a very slick engine, great performing transmission and a stiff frame package. The suspension is a bit harsh, confirmed by even the Kawi guys, but is slightly adjustable in the rear. It steers very well and performs like a much lighter bike overall. It’s no frills, but not very expensive especially at street price.

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31 thoughts on “2015 Kawasaki Z1000 Motorcycle Review

  1. Good review……however, it does have a fair amount of tech. If you press the top button, you get instant mpg, average mpg, miles remaining, temperature, etc. So, it is a actually very functional from that perspective. It also has radial mounted, monobloc front calipers, abs, and hid headlights……And, the suspension is fully adjustable (manually). So, I agree that it is worth the money at half the price of the BMW. I actually sold my gen 2 fjr and bought a new 2k14 z1000 and really like it (plus the color is way better than the 2k15 z1000, medium gray with green accents)……..Again, good review and hope you are feeling better!!

  2. Great vid mate and a really good channel. I will learn some good things from you. Love it.

  3. im on the fence between a fz-09 or this z1000 its so hard to choose which would you recommend im 5’09” and 160?

  4. What streetfighter would you recommend for someone who’s 6 feet 4 and about 187 pounds?

  5. If I bought one of these things and something went wrong with it how would I get it fixed

  6. i love the style of these bikes – alien. I owned a 2012 Z1000 from new and at the time i thought that looked insane, but this thing is next level in design.

  7. beginner friendly? have my license but haven’t ridden anything in over a year since MSF course

  8. great vid but I think you along with other reviewers should show how you look sitting on the bike

  9. I am exactly your size and weight and currently riding a 600rr(my first bike) which I find a bit small… thinking of switching to this particular one for a while…. I don’t care about top speed, just want to ride the mountains and the city. Would you say this is a good choice or would recommend something else?

  10. I was so close to getting this bike, but went with FZ07 mainly because of price.
    But after owning the FZ all these months i have grown to love it.
    It has plenty of power, and sets lower to the ground.
    Im 5,5, so setting lower is better for me.
    Even though i have ridden many tall bikes.
    I just stand on one foot to the side when stopping at lights.
    But on my Honda VTX i can stand flat footed.
    But the VTX is so loud it hurts my ears.
    But i have also got used to that also.
    The FZ07 is so quiet i think it shuts off when i stop.
    And it idles very quiet and smooth.
    But the FZ07 has so much torque it wheelies sometimes on accident.
    The main thing that had me looking at the z1000 was the looks.
    It looks like a Demon bird from hell.

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