How to change the oil on a Kawasaki KLR650 motorcycle

How to change the oil on a Kawasaki KLR650 motorcycle
No idea how long it had been since my last oil change in the Kawasaki. So I decided to make a quick video showing just how easy it is to change the oil on a motorcycle. As much as I beat on the bike I need to take care of it once in a while.

Not all of the steps I go over in this video are required, however I highly recommend them.

Edit: I was surprised that no one was able to guess what I was actually drinking in the video. It was funny at first, but then I started to worry that people were actually going to start drinking their used oil, “Because halfthrottle says so.” That would be a very bad idea. I swap out the oil for maple syrup in the last shot. I don’t recommend drinking either liquid my pancreas still doesn’t know WTF is going on.

Side note, when my wife got home from work that evening she asked, “Why does the bathroom smell like pancakes?”

27 thoughts on “How to change the oil on a Kawasaki KLR650 motorcycle

  1. So, I just followed your tutorial, but the chest hair part didn’t work. Do I maybe need to drink the motor oil first, to grow a glorious man-forest of my own?

  2. LOL! You, sir, are a genious! I was dying from laughter watching this.

  3. Please…please tell me that was just Mrs. Butterworth’s, or some other pale imitation, cascading down your hairy shirtless torso! If it was REAL maple syrup, then I will have to call PETMS (People for the Ethical Treatment of Maple Syrup) down on you for such a waste!

  4. Coming from someone who has watched a lot of tutorials….
    Awesome video I almost pee’d myself!

  5. Best “How to” video on YouTube hands down. Watched it a bunch of times and never gets old; brightens up my day every time!

  6. Awesome video but you forgot a VERY important part, you need to take the steel tube out of the middle of the old oil filter, and put it into the new oil filter. System doesn’t work without it and is basically in bypass all the time.  You need to put a warning or something on your video at that point so people don’t chuck their old tube and have to buy a new one. 

    ask me how I know. 

    but awesome video otherwise!

  7. surprised I havent come across this before, fucking hilarious. Though I already changed my oil and filter like 2 hours ago, I’ll keep all this in mind for next time.

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