How to Change Motorcycle Oil and Filter in LESS than 15 MIN || 2009 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R

How to Change Motorcycle Oil and Filter in LESS than 15 MIN || 2009 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R
This is a full in-depth tour of how to change oil in a motorcycle, 2009 ZX6-R, with Tips, Tricks and Advice on oil selection. I am no professional but I have gotten this down to less than 15 min for a thorough oil and filter change with cleanup =).
Here are the main steps:

First warm up your bike for 5-10min then;

1- open oil cap, loosen oil pan nut and drain
2- take filter off
3- prep new filter for install ( I used the K&N 303)
4- cap oil pan nut then install new filter
5- slowly pour new oil into bike ( I used castrol race 4t 10W40)
6- take for a spin

7 thoughts on “How to Change Motorcycle Oil and Filter in LESS than 15 MIN || 2009 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R

  1. hi marco i want to ask you, btw when you put oil
    to the oil filter, its for the gasket oil filter or just fill the oil filter with oil until full in the oil filter ? sorry for my bad english i hope you understand

  2. thanks for video man, i was about to take it to get it changed but now seeing this feels easy. thanks again

  3. Your video saved me time and money, I have a 09 zx6r with Werkes exhaust as well and today I did the oil change by myself and it worked just great! A few notices is that you wanna make sure that you put the pan as forward as possible because when you open the nut the oil will rush out really fast and far. I used Kawasaki full synthetic oil 10W40 and the bike feels smooth. At first I used 4.5 quarts but it seemed like I over filled it so I loosed it and took some oil out. That means the bike needs 4 quarts in addition to the oil filter lubrication. The foil and everything is great tools to use so I really appreciate your detailed video :). How did the Castrol worked for you and what oil do you really like? I used to run Redline and now switched to Kawasaki.

  4. The foil is an ok idea though you will have a little clean up.just wanted to through my idea in the mix that has always worked well. Take a sheet of cheese cloth that way you don’t get any flaky contamination around your filter area ! This soaks up oil very well and controls the unwanted seepage. I heard you had a buddy in the background of the video. Next time have him lean the bike back the other way while you take the filter off this will utilize gravity to keep the oil from spilling out the filter port. Lean the bike back to the peg side put the new filter on and your good to go. Hope this help .thanks for the video bike looks great that’s why I checked you out was the color scheme.

  5. I try to save big cardboard boxes and set them aside for jobs like this. I tear the glued seam and unfold the box and ride the motorcycle over the cardboard and clean up is pretty easy.

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