Wild ride on 8 second ZX14 turbo motorcycle, crazy launch by Rickey Gadson

Wild ride on 8 second ZX14 turbo motorcycle, crazy launch by Rickey Gadson
AMA drag bike video of Rickey Gadson drag racing a turbocharged Kawasaki! Check out this crazy launch and wild ride on a super fast 8 second zx14 turbo motorcycle at the drag strip, piloted by Ricky Gadson; one of the best motor cycle racers of all time!

Want to see newer videos of Tricky Rickey in action racing Kawasaki motorcycles? If so check out this recent video from 2015 at the Man Cup Wolrd Finals:

Ignore the rude comment made by someone standing near the camera man I have no idea who he was, my buddy filmed this drag racing video for Wyldfantasies Media Studios in 2010!

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34 thoughts on “Wild ride on 8 second ZX14 turbo motorcycle, crazy launch by Rickey Gadson

  1. That…my bruh…Was probably his first pass on that turbo ZX.

    Single turbo setups are peaky as hell.
    For example-
    5500rpm=0 boost
    8500rpm=full boost

    And considering how fast a ZX14R winds up…That’s like doubling the power of the bike in less than a second. So when the boost kicks in…if you’re not prepared…well…prepare your rectum cause you’re about to bleed.

  2. holy crap, is this 1/8mile or 1/4?(looks short but i can’t tell) if it ran 8 in the 1/4 doing bunny hops that bike is one powerful laxative

  3. Nice recovery .. Ricky can ride.. Who cares what some black guy says about Rickey .. He is just a hater ..

  4. on the strip?

    You’d be hard pressed to find someone better.

    If I were forming a team…It would be a DREAM of mine to have Rickey G, Richard G, or Billy Vose on the bike…They’re pretty damn fast.

  5. pfft don’t talk shit, he’s a drag racer thats what he does, he doesn’t do circuit he couldn’t beat shit !

  6. Good for you, but it still stands. He’s a drag racer, not a circuit racer
    so don’t talk shit !

  7. Still not talking shit. Don’t see where I was talking shit…Where was I shit talking?

    Rickey can handle a bike…Strip or circuit.

    He’s definitely no Tom Sykes, Joshua Brookes, or Nicky Hayden…But he is no slouch around a circuit.

    By the way…#46 forever.

  8. haha what ? nother rossi fanboy, you suck his dick do you ? he can’t even win a race on ducati, and I doubt he will, let alone a championship …. *cough* we both know who’s done that though, nuff said 🙂

  9. No. t(ツ)_/¯

    I’ve always been a fan of Nicky Hayden…But I don’t mind the Dr…He’s a good rider…regardless of whether he can win on the Duc.

    I can see that you’re the typical aussy bastard lol. Stoner? :O

    When Stoner wins 7 championships…or 5 consecutive titles…let me know. Till then…You may bow to Rossi!

  10. HA ! , the same could be said about Schumacher, but everyone that has half an idea knows that Senna was the greatest, your just one of those fanboys that doesn’t have an idea. If he can’t win on a bike that is not as competitive he’s simply not the greatest …. nuff said.

  11. LOLLOLLOL!?!?!

    And the Ducati WASN’T competitive when Stoner was on it?

    It obviously was.

    Get your head outta your arse and start using it please. I’m becoming tired of your logic.

    1. You’re one of those HATERS who doesn’t have a clue. Nuff said.
    2. GTFO.
    3. Not a fanboy…I’m defending the Dr…Who is regarded by MANY as the GOAT(Unlike up-and-comer Stoner).
    4. Senna was the most talented. That’s blatantly obvious, and anyone that has seen his lap of Monaco knows this. Senna=/=Schumi

  12. Blah blah, your a hypocrite. On one hand you agree Senna who could and did win with inferior cars, was better than Scumacher who always had superior cars, even though the stats do not refelect this. Yet you can’t see it is the same situation with Rossi …. why ? your a fanboy. If Stoner is so “inferior” and yet can win on ducati and Rossi who is the “GOAT” can’t, there is obviously something wrong with that claim isn’t there ? couldn’t explain it any simpler to a 5yr old, goodbye 🙂

  13. Stoner won on the GP7.

    Completely different bike compared to the Duc Rossi and Hayden rode last year.

    Who’s to say that the GP7 was superior…and the GP10/11 is inferior?

    As for senna…I was basing my conclusion on his TALENT. He made it blatantly obvious that he was better than just about everybody in the field. Unlike Stoner.

    Your basing your opinion on your dislike of Rossi.

    Rossi is the standard to which all riders will be measured. Not LAwson, Duhamel, or Spencer…but Rossi.

  14. And the only “Inferior” bikes in the field…were Kawasaki and Suzuki. Stoner had a VERY competitive bike in 2007. So stop blowing smoke up stoner’s ass.

    Rossi will rebound and win another title…as will Hayden…Just a matter of time really. Jorge Lorenzo will also end up with 3 or more titles.

    As for senna v. Schumi…That’s like comparing Lawrence Taylor to Ray Lewis…Both will be regarded as true masters of their craft.

    Hamilton’s fault though.

  15. Your a fucking hypocrite mate, done talking with you, your a dumb kid who can’t see the hypocrisy in his own statements, I’ll indulge your stupid point for a second. Ok Ducati is always competitive, Stoner won because he was on a competitive bike, so why can’t Rossi even win a race ? because it’s not competitive ? fuck off that’s bullshit.

  16. It’s thinking like this that makes you a Rossi fanboy, its blatantly obvious to anyone but yourself. He’s done … cooked like a dinner, he won’t be winning anymore titles, time will tell …. so keep up the delusional thinking, this is what makes people like you fanboys 🙂

  17. he was spooling up during launch…..he got the power and too much of it

    crazy bike

  18. thats what i was thinking! so it must be more like an early/mid 7 sec bike! traction is a great thing

  19. You’re right but not because of who Rossi is, but because he left Repsol. If he was still running the Repsol instead of that piece of shit Ducati I’m sure he could win it again. It just goes to show how important the equipment is in addition to skill…

  20. bike is fast, was the 1st over 210mph in the 1/4.. I take it out around the block every couple months.. It was making crazy boost off the line in this video, it was making 20lbs, took a couple times to figure out the new turbo. Rickey is a great rider.. There are more videos of the bike on here search Adams Performance and Jeremy Teasley.

  21. if you click my name and look at my videos you will see the first pass of the bike from rickey’s helmet cam at our local 1/8th mile track

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